Kathy Shaidle

Kathy Shaidle

A blogging pioneer since 2000, Kathy Shaidle runs FiveFeetOfFury.com. She has been called “a purveyor of some of the most offensive racial stereotypes I have ever read” by Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

Gustav Metzger

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The Hitler of Gibsons

Steeltown was headbanger heaven. Heavy metal devotees stomped the streets of my hometown in their mustard-yellow Kodiak boots, fingering their long, ratty hair behind their ears exactly like Wayne Campbell, the jackets of their Canadian tuxedos ...

Depeche Mode in concert, Sweden 2010

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Blasphemous Rumors About Richard Spencer

Did you have that stupid idea in high school too? That on prom night or graduation, you and your two or three hippie or punk or goth friends (the only ones you had) would go, all right, but wear tuxedos (if you were girls) or drag (if you were ...

Warren Beatty and Fay Dunaway

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Fifty Years of “€˜Bonnie and Clyde”€™

I haven"€™t cared about the Oscars since 1992's Silence of the Lambs sweep. Like, I presume, 99 percent of Takimag readers, I won"€™t be tuning in on Feb. 26, when one of the broadcast's "€œhighlights,"€ we"€™re informed, will be the ...

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Isn”€™t It Romantic?

The most "€œValentine's Day"€ thing I"€™m doing this Valentine's Day is publishing this Valentine's Day column. Of sorts. Regulars know I"€™m not much of a romantic. Freud said that "€œlove and work"€ are "€œall there is,"€ and ...

Montreal, Canada

Oh Canada!

We Need to Talk About Quebec

Americans left and right are, understandably, only interested in "€œCanadian initiatives,"€ ("€œworthwhile"€ or otherwise) when these can be whittled into pointed sticks with which to poke their domestic opponents. So ever since Trump's ...

Mary Tyler Moore

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I Hate Spunk

"€œShe made a show about how single career women could still have fulfilling lives, with the help of the powerful TV executive she was married to."€ My Facebook friend Tom Forsythe, besides being one helluva Muhammad cartoonist, is also ...

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Thanks for Nothing, Bitches

Women rarely fail to let me down. There's a Roz Chast cartoon showing one lady shouting at another: "€œThe price of Kleenex WAS SO 47 cents in 1963!"€ That sentence approximates roughly 86% of the "€œconversations"€ I"€™ve had with (or ...

Frank Sinatra

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Ladies and Gentlemen…President Sinatra

Frank Sinatra's Secret Service code name was "€œNapoleon."€ Before you can finish asking, "€œWhy did he need one?"€ you"€™ll remember: JFK was practically a member of the Rat Pack, one of the few men for whom über-alpha Sinatra ...

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia

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No Peace in the Uncanny Valley

Star Wars makes you stupid. Star Trek makes you smart. Yes, both fandoms pursue cosplay, compulsive crap collection, and other life-wasters. But whereas Star Wars is a masturbatory end-in-itself, some Trekkers have at least pivoted their passion ...

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DNA Despair

On the topic of "€œnoteworthy accomplishments,"€ here's an ironic one: With How the Scots Invented the Modern World, author Arthur Herman somehow wrote a book that is tedious in direct reverse proportion to its subject"€”that is (as the ...

Joan Rivers

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From Joan to Donald

"€œI lost my whole family in Auschwitz. Seriously: I waited in the gift shop for hours…"€ "€”Joan Rivers Taki's particularly hydrophobic commenters will greet with disbelief the news that, as it turns out, I"€™m only 2 percent ...

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