Christopher Colombus

Goodbye, Columbus

In 1492, “Columbus sailed the ocean blue” and discovered the New World. And Oc...


President Richard M. Nixon

Nixon and Kennedy: The Myths and Reality

Had there been no Dallas, there would have been no Camelot. There would have been no John...


King Richard III

Unearthing Richard III

On February 4th, the University of Leicester announced that the bones unearthed last Augus...


John F. Kennedy

Birth of the Victory Riot

The great mystery of my lifetime has been the 1960s. It's worth returning to this vast sub...


Trace Adkins

The Myth of Northern Innocence

Burly-and-bearded country singer Trace Adkins ruffled all the usual feathers and bruised a...


Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini

Is Fascism Innately Anti-Semitic?

Fascism is presumed to be intrinsically and violently anti-Semitic, and the fascists wante...


The Greatest Generation Has Left the Building

The recent anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki's destruction by atomic bombs reminded ...


Declamations of Independence

Every Fourth of July, a heretical question nags: Would it have been so bad if America hadn...


Counting the Dead Equally

Much to the consternation of Western intellectuals and journalists, Hungary's government s...


Wehrmacht soldiers

The Eternal German Guilt Trip

Political correctness has permeated the historian’s craft to such a degree that honest h...


A Fiscal Quarrel Called The Civil War

Confederates are a misunderstood bunch. April marked 150 years since the first shots were ...


Vilfredo Pareto

My Dinner With Vilfredo Pareto

My list of historical personages I"€™d invite to a dinner party doesn’t include an...


Churchill: More Myth Than Legend

Last week a country-club Republican friend in Palm Beach gave me a copy of The Weekly Stan...


Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger’s Fakepolitik

Henry Kissinger should emulate Old Marley's ghost, which "€œfloated out upon the bleak, ...