Pink Slip, Black Rage

Antwann Brown may have a rap sheet going back 25 years...he may have a record that include...



The First Transgender School Shooter?

Why the hell are these mass shooters always straight white males? Well, for starters, b...


It’s the Birthrates

50. With another 50 or so wounded, many in critical condition, the final fatality count ma...


Krazy for Killing

It was July 17, 1984, and James Huberty wasn’t feeling well. Something wasn’t right ...


The Phallus of Kharhorin

Revolt of the Involuntary Celibates

Early one afternoon last week in Toronto, 25-year-old software developer Alek Minassian al...


Nasim Aghdam

She Never Hurt One Animal

I have a feeling deep in my innards that if the psycho-looking female Persian self-describ...


Warren Beatty

Jimmy Toback, Warren Beatty, and a Whole Lotta Tuchus

The daily schadenfreude derived from watching mouth-breathing leftist sheep cannibalize on...


Nixon and Trump, Then and Now

For two years, this writer has been consumed by two subjects. First, the presidency of Ri...


Steven Patrick Morrissey

Morrissey’s Greatest Hits

It's time for Morrissey's periodic turn as a subject of two minutes"€™ hate. In a recent...


Frazier Glenn Miller

Down Goes Frazier

Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. is the sort of guy you"€™d expect to go on a shooting rampage ...


We Have Nothing to Fear but the Manosphere Itself

Women, beware: There’s a new emerging threat online. This week two journalists whose...


Gay Kryptonite

Gay activists insist that “faggot” comes from the word for the kindling beneat...


Christopher Dorner

The Strange Moral Compass of Christopher Dorner

Chris Dorner thinks he's a highly moral individual. A crusader for justice. A righter of w...


Yanking the Lever in Sin City

Las Vegas is the the most inorganic of all American cities. Surrounded by a dry, dusty, pr...