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Mauna Kea from Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii

Indigenous Basterds

Typically, when people use the phrase “a hill to die on,” they’re not speaking of a ...


Lessons From My Porn Girl

When A-list Hollywood director James Gunn got fired last month due to an alt-right (some s...

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Un-weaving the Intellectual Dark Web

You are not where you think you are, reading this: not at home, nor on your yacht, nor hid...

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My Mild 1970s Anti-Racism

Comedian Louis C.K. does a routine about growing up in the 1970s, a decade he describes as...

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Two Forms of Mass Hysteria

The mode of transmission of the disease kuru was established by the American virologist D....

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Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter vs. Women

When Ann Coulter told me she was going to be debating Sally Kohn, my first reaction was "...

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Angelina Jolie

Propaganda Pop Culture: From Cuckmercials to “€˜Star Wars”€™

I recently heard comedian Nick DiPaolo say, "€œI don"€™t think I can watch Angelina Jo...

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The Bitching Hour

July 4th is the day America celebrates liberty but Halloween is the opposite. It's the day...

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Latinas in the Field

It took me a while to understand why some of today's leading generals in the war to enforc...

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Imperial Do-Gooding

Efes beer, the Turkish lager, was the nearest until recently that I had come to Ephesus, u...


Dutch Santa’s Little Black Helper

For years now the world has been trying to tell The Netherlands that one of its favorite h...


Hats Off to Mr. Tea-Tard

The US government is back open for business. It never actually shut down to begin with, ...


Bradley Manning

Dangerously Sensitive

Political correctness, that great misguided ennobler/enabler of disgruntled losers and emb...

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Scripps College graduates

The Cult of Microaggressions

While reading up a couple of weeks ago on the Oberlin College KKK fiasco, I became fascina...