Why College Athletes Should Get Paid More Than Teachers

To say that college point guards should be paid more than middle school social-studies teachers might seem like a controversial statement, but it's essentially the same as saying that movie stars should get paid more than janitors. Not ...

Cincinnati Bengals


Go, Vontaze!

Thirty years or so ago, I wrote an article about a mugging in New York's Central Park, one that today would have got me arrested for breaching PC rules, but back then was overlooked by the Ministry of Truth, its Gestapo agents busy ...


Autumn of the Game

September means football, in high school, in prep school, and, of course, where it all began, in college. There is nothing that evokes F. Scott Fitzgerald times more than a crisp autumn Saturday afternoon, a marching band, a campus full ...

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady


For Cheat’s Sake

It was, using Edward De Vere's words, much ado about nothing. The media didn"€™t think so, called it "€œDeflategate,"€ and one of America's great sporting heroes, Tom Brady, was pilloried as if he had inflated the beautiful model ...


The NFL’s Bashed-in Moral Compass

The latest brouhaha about professional football players beating up their little wimmen has me shocked, shocked that such a thing could take place in modern day America, home of the depraved. But before I go on about why black football ...


More Stinkin”€™ Thinkin”€™ in the NBA

As you"€™ll recall, NBA team owner Donald Sterling was recently purged for being secretly taped objecting to his self-promoting mistress posting pictures online of the black superstars she consorts with in his absence. Sterling vowed ...


Sorry, We Invented That Too

Soccer, while traditionally lacking in highbrow accoutrements like sophisticated statistics (although those are improving) or literature (the most memorable English-language book on the game is American writer Bill Buford's memoir of ...



The Head Hooligans

The greatest criminal and most profitable enterprise the world over is FIFA. I write this as billions are watching obscenely overpaid footballers competing for a cup that is long overdue for a total remake. It was a very good idea long ...

Pinehurst Golf Club


Scottish Aesthetics and the Game of Golf

As the professional golf season crests this week at the U.S. Open, it's worth noting that the game, while still growing in popularity among the robber barons of ex-communist countries like China and Russia, has been in long-term decline ...


The Thought Refs Are Blind!

It's hard to get Americans to care about Britain but it's worth checking in on those fannies once in a while to see how their social experiments are going, because we tend to follow close behind. Political correctness is leaking into ...


The Night America Yawned

I just watched the Super Bowl, and boy, am I bored. What's worse, I am left with an empty, restless, lonely sense of ennui and purposelessness in the pit of my soul, which hovers mere inches above the pit of my stomach. Watching the ...

Darrell Wallace, Jr.


Nature, Nurture, and NASCAR

There was a fair amount of national media excitement this weekend over the news that Darrell Wallace, Jr. had won a NASCAR race. As a Southern Californian, my attention span for auto racing has shrunk to the four seconds it takes a ...

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