Why College Athletes Should Get Paid More Than Teachers

To say that college point guards should be paid more than middle school social-studies tea...


Cincinnati Bengals

Go, Vontaze!

Thirty years or so ago, I wrote an article about a mugging in New York's Central Park, one...


Autumn of the Game

September means football, in high school, in prep school, and, of course, where it all beg...


Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

For Cheat’s Sake

It was, using Edward De Vere's words, much ado about nothing. The media didn"€™t think s...


The NFL’s Bashed-in Moral Compass

The latest brouhaha about professional football players beating up their little wimmen has...


More Stinkin”€™ Thinkin”€™ in the NBA

As you"€™ll recall, NBA team owner Donald Sterling was recently purged for being secretl...


Sorry, We Invented That Too

Soccer, while traditionally lacking in highbrow accoutrements like sophisticated statistic...



The Head Hooligans

The greatest criminal and most profitable enterprise the world over is FIFA. I write this ...


Pinehurst Golf Club

Scottish Aesthetics and the Game of Golf

As the professional golf season crests this week at the U.S. Open, it's worth noting that ...


The Thought Refs Are Blind!

It's hard to get Americans to care about Britain but it's worth checking in on those fanni...


The Night America Yawned

I just watched the Super Bowl, and boy, am I bored. What's worse, I am left with an empty,...


Darrell Wallace, Jr.

Nature, Nurture, and NASCAR

There was a fair amount of national media excitement this weekend over the news that Darre...


Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs

Bobby Rigged

A man whose reputation rivals that of the Clintons"€™ for dishonesty and lies recently c...


Sailing on Air

Seven score and twenty-something years ago, a boat crossed the Atlantic from Hoboken, New ...