Cala Comte, Ibiza

Afternoon Delight

The Dance of the Shipwrecked

Life is here, and we must dance! This is a free interpretation of Hic Rhodus, hic Salta that the old pagan Goethe quoted. The wise Zorba always danced, both to celebrate his joys and to exorcise his suffering. Because everything is part ...

Flower of nicotine tobacco

Afternoon Delight

Doctor Nicotine

In the midst of so much social hysteria and propaganda of fear, it is a pleasure to find some serenity and common sense in the statements of some doctors about the benefits of tobacco. According to recent studies, smokers may be more ...

Afternoon Delight

Life Is a Carnival

Thanks to a historic acqua alta (high tide) and the global hysteria of the coronavirus, tourist reservations in Venice have decreased by 30%. What a great time to go! In addition, the violin of Il Prette Rosso, Antonio Vivaldi, is ...

Afternoon Delight

Holy Smoke

(The article in its original Spanish immediately follows.) The great tenor Giuseppe Di Stefano was once asked by a journalist: “Maestro, why do you smoke so many cigars?” To this impertinence Di Stefano responded with genius: “My ...

St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York

Afternoon Delight

‘Times’ Up

The following was recently but ecstatically pronounced by the malignant, anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-male New York Times: “Perhaps for the first time since the United States was established, a majority of young adults here do ...

Afternoon Delight

Creepy Conservatism

Every year Halloween seems to get more popular. Between the free candy and the dress-up parties, the month of October also provides an excuse to ruminate on the themes of horror, the occult, and the strange. Given the left’s depiction ...

Afternoon Delight

Stephen, Simone, and Jean-Paul

Ten years or so ago Stephen Fry, an English polymath, stage and screen actor, writer, TV personality, and many other things, gave a Spectator-sponsored lecture at the prestigious Royal Geographical Society. The theme was that he would ...

Afternoon Delight

A Week Without Politics

About a month ago, this site’s editrix informed the writers that she’d be taking a much-needed break this week and if we wanted to run a feature anyway, we’d have to submit it in advance. I decided to submit an article but take a ...

Afternoon Delight

Orgy of the Species

Let’s begin 2019 with some truths and a few admissions: We humans have been evolving for some time now, but not really. Only a few decades ago we were certain that the oldest human fossil was a small-brained female by the name of ...

The Academy of Athens

Afternoon Delight

Forum of Fools

The New York Times has announced a forum to discuss democracy in the cradle of democracy, Athens, sometime in September of this year. It is as if the late John Gotti held a forum to discuss crime in Chicago, God rest his soul. Gotti ...

Afternoon Delight

We’re All Communists Now

Apparently, I’m not controversial enough. So get your teeth into this: Communism did some good. Not the starvation, massacres, and bad plumbing. Nor the chronically dysfunctional art. Admittedly not the architecture. Or—despite the ...

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