Jewish Spies Through the Years

As the political races of 2020 emerge, we’re going to see some remarkably weird and hila...


Beheading of St. John the Baptist on the baptistery from Benedetto Antelami. Parma, Italy

Killing Time

For reasons unnecessary to go into, I once found myself at a loose end for a few months on...


Black Lies Matter Too

Like all lies uncorrected, the #BlackLivesMatter movement has become a religion with evang...


Brandenburg Gate, Berlin


There seems to be growing anti-German feeling in France, at least if what I read is anythi...


Into the Remainder Bins

In journalism, "€œtrend pieces"€ are like the weather: Everyone complains about them ...


Gary Glitter

How “€œGary”€ Lost Its Glitter

Muggeridge's Law, indeed. The Punch editor (and all around crusty old fart) observed late...


The Little Bomb That Couldn”€™t

BREAKING NEWS!!!"€”A bomb may...or may not...have gone off near a Colorado Springs offic...



Not three years ago, in these very virtual pages, I mourned the extinction of the loony-bi...


For Whom the Cat Calls

A video that shows a Jewish woman being sexually harassed while walking on New York City s...


Indulging in Destruction

I slept through the only riot I was ever sent to cover as a reporter. Having traveled a lo...


Women Against Feminism: Are These Bitches Crazy?

Every time I hear that we live under a "€œpatriarchy,"€ I close my eyes, click my hee...


Harry and Bobby

Half Off Everything!

Roughly half of the emails I get from my blog readers ask, "€œWhere do you get this stuf...


Elliot Rodger

Soulless in Santa Barbara

If America is an insane asylum, as Ezra Pound once quipped, it looks like the inmates are ...


Michelle Obama

World War Webcam

Have you Tweeted, Facebooked, YouTubed, Instagrammed, or LinkedIn (LOL) your hatred of Bok...