I’ve no next of kin. When I die, I have no idea what’s gonna happen to my house. Not that I don’t have a plan: After I stroke out on my bedroom floor, my corpse will putrefy and the stank will be absorbed into the floorboards, so when Persians buy my house for a song, they’ll soon realize that the master bedroom is permanently soaked with eww de Dave.

I don’t believe in ghosts, but I do think there are ways a dead motherfucker can haunt a house.

So here’s a question for Palestinian fanboys: Let’s say I decide to leave my house to “the rightful owners of muh lah-yund,” the people from whom the “lah-yund” was stolen.

Who gets named in the will?

If you think all “stollen land” should be returned, what group should be the beneficiary of my pricey Westside dirt?

The Tongva? That’s the Injun tribe that lived here in hunter-gatherer times. But they never developed the dirt; they just fought bears and danced around going ugh-amugh-ugh.

Then their lah-yund was taken by the Spanish, who were the first to bring European-style “civilization” to the place. Then they got kicked out by the leaders of the very nation they spawned, the Mexicans, who declared formal ownership of California…only to get their asses kicked in the Mexican-American War. Cali was taken from them through violence! A violation of international law!

“Where else in the world today but Israel do intelligent lighter-skinned people get to beat the crap out of ignorant darker-skinned people?”

So who gets my house? Who’s the rightful owner? Do I leave it to the Tongva Nation, the government of Spain, or the government of Mexico?

If “stollen land” must be returned to the rightful owner, who’s the rightful owner in my case? Here I am, at my attorney Shmuelly Krinkelblitzen’s office on Rodeo Drive, and I gotta choose a beneficiary.

Tell me, Buford…what do I write?

If you can’t answer that question, then perhaps your knee-jerkism regarding “give them akbars back thar lah-yund” arises not from a sincere desire to see old wrongs righted, but from something much darker.

Far-rightists are exceptionally easy to read, and much of the hatred expressed by the far-right toward Israel comes from pure envy.

“Israel gets a wall! Why can’t we have a wall?”

“In Israel, Jews get to carry guns everywhere! Why can’t we carry guns everywhere?”

“Israel deports African illegals. Why can’t we do that?”

The current sight of Israel kicking the living shit out of browner, dumber, uncivilized, pathologically violent border transgressors births a fire in the far-right belly, an anger that Israelis are getting to do what rightists would love to be able to do here. I mean, where else in the world today but Israel do intelligent lighter-skinned people get to beat the crap out of ignorant darker-skinned people? Israel is the last white-ish nation on earth where it’s okay to actively hate the darker-skinned, and not just take an eye for an eye, but take out an entire neighborhood for an eye.

American rightists get angry—understandably—by seeing their president and Congress cheer Israelis as they do shit that’s forbidden to American whites. Daquan rapes and murders your grandma, and even your own Republican congressman yells at you if you call him an animal or demand vengeance. You have to shut up and watch a judge give Daquan a light sentence because 1619! Meanwhile, that same congressman cheers Israel: “You have a right to defend yourself against those dusky animals who harmed you! Kill! Kill! Kill!”

I understand the frustration. You want to lash out, which leads to the retards of TPUSA and Groyperville sharing viral videos of Alex Jones begging “the Jews” to “let us do what you do! Give us control of our country! Stop keeping us down while you allow your own people to do the things you forbid us from doing!”

And now, unintentionally, you’ve become Daquan. You see Jews as blacks see whites: one big-ass conspiracy of oppressors. That Alex Jones video, which has garnered millions of views on Twitter over the past weeks, is pure insanity (it’s a cobbled-together clip, so I’m not sure if it accurately reflects Jones’ views; what matters for this discussion is how rightists are presenting it). Jones acts like there’s one central Jew who can end the white man’s torment with the flip of a switch, as if the “shut it down” meme is not a joke but political reality.

As it’s Halloween, I’ll invoke a horror film. The 1982 misfire Halloween III was written by a Brit, Nigel Kneale, who didn’t realize that, unlike in the U.K., American television stations aren’t government-owned. So at the end of the film, the lead character calls “the number” to have “the bureau of television” take all channels off the air at once. It’s a ludicrous ending, based on the writer’s ignorance of how the U.S. TV industry works.

The gist of that Jones video, that you can ask “the bureau of Jews” to stop the torment, is equally reality-detached.

But this time it’s not a movie; it’s idiots playing retard for real.

And again, I get it. It’s a time of terrible frustration. The border’s wide open, millions of Third Worlders are flipping you the bird as they flood in, American blacks are shielded from consequences as they kill your kin, and even the GOPs who are supposedly “on your side” are letting you down.

Yeah, if I were you, I’d be tempted to check out of reality and be like Jones and look for “the Jew” who can call it all off. It’s not any worse than thinking Trump is still president and everything since 2020 has been a brilliant op to expose the Deep State.

Just one more thing to detach the right from reality, dull its effectiveness, and hasten the nation’s decline.

That said, there’s no “King Jew” who can help you. Yes, Jews have always been disproportionately prominent in leftism. But, as I wrote in a column seven years ago, American leftism is at the point now where it’s got a life of its own. College-educated suburban white women are just as much of a menace as Jews (maybe more so). Blacks? Their electoral menace is a given. And Asians? Blacks can beat them senseless—rape their grandmas so hard their ancestors bleed anally—and they’ll still vote Soros.

Speaking of Soros, this whole “give us what you allow yourselves in Israel, Jews” thing ignores the fact that America’s leftist Jews don’t care much for Israel at all (and in Israel itself, leftist Jews despise Netanyahu, or have you missed the, what, 500 attempts to indict him?). Soros despises Israel. He’s a civilization-destroying atheist who sees Israel as too civilized to exist. Soros disciple Mairav Zonszein, who writes for Daily Beast, WaPo, NY Times, and NPR, cheered Hamas’ Oct. 7 slaughter, claiming that the terrorists scored a great victory: “It’s an undisputed fact that Hamas has single-handedly put the Palestinian issue back on the global agenda.” In 2017, Zonszein penned a Times piece bemoaning how Israel has “declared war on George Soros” for his funding of anti-Israel groups. And just last week, the NY Post revealed that Soros has been funding global anti-Israel protests, just as he funded BLM protests.

Now, that’s the fact of it. But once rightists set down the “all Jews are of one mind and I demand they give me my country back” path, in order to preserve the illusion it becomes necessary to deny all realities that challenge that illusion. So if you mention Soros’ anti-Israelism, illusion-obsessed rightists respond, “He’s faking it! They’re all in it together, a hive mind in cahoots! Any disputes within Judaism are just for show; crisis actors with pretend feuds to fool the goyim.”

And again, away from reality you drift, rendering yourself ever more ineffective, ever more counterproductive.

And when anyone tries to speak sense on the issue, they’re dismissed as shills, cucks, “hasbara,” or, if they’re Jewish, traitors whose only loyalty is to “the tribe” (that’s the gist of every DM I got after last week’s column, even though I wasn’t saying anything I hadn’t said in multiple past columns here and here).

If you truly want to be “America First” regarding Gaza and Israel, if you genuinely want to be like Alex Jones and say, “I ain’t against Jews, but I’m worried about my own nation,” then the most important thing you can do is mind your own sanity. As I wrote in a recent column, the right’s obsession with IQ obscures the fact that people who are not necessarily dumb can tarderize themselves, and a movement, or a party, can tarderize itself even if it’s composed of “big-brained whites.” The risk to the right of Gaza fanboying has nothing to do with foreign policy but rather letting in a craziness, exactly what you see with TPUSA going “ZOG” and rightists furiously retweeting Jones’ “let us control our country, Jews” video.

A friend of mine called me out on my claim in last week’s column that Palis need to accept the fact that they lost a war and move on. My buddy tweeted “Isn’t Israel itself the result of Jews refusing to accept that they lost a war to the Romans 2,000 years ago? I mean, if you wanna talk about not being able to let shit go, Jews win the prize. If the Jews refused to take the L, why should the Palestinians?”

The difference is, in the 1930s and ’40s Zionists saw a clear path to victory. In part via strategy, in part via the nature of the British overlords of the territory, in part via brute force, and in part via unforeseen circumstances (Hitler served an eviction notice on all European Jews, creating a tsunami of refugees). The Zionists saw an opening and went for it. And they won. But today there’s no Pali path to victory. There simply isn’t. There’s just continued year-after-year suicidal pokes at a tiger they can’t kill.

Should a path to victory open…should, say, a Tay-Sachs mutation wipe out half the Jews of Israel, I’d fully expect Palis to seize the opportunity and exploit the advantage. That’s fair. But when you have no path to victory, when you just keep inflicting misery on yourself and others, that’s inexcusably stupid.

And it was my friend’s question that helped me see the through line between Palis and MAGAs. Why there’s a kind of kinship there, even if unrecognized. What was J6 if not a bunch of hotheads with no path to victory, indeed, no idea of how they could even possibly achieve victory, suicidally marching into defeat and then whining when the winners showed them no mercy?

Championing the Pali cause exacerbates the worst of MAGA. Failure to understand the destructiveness of futile gestures, and the embrace of reality detachment, be it Q, Moloch, “stollen election,” or Jones’ magical Jew with the “off switch.”

In the end, what matters is how these things corrupt American minds.

In the end, it ain’t about Jew. It’s about you.

David Kaufman is an unknown writing protest letters to British newspapers against Elon Musk and the Fall of Rome. He equates the rise of the former with the demise of the latter. Losers like Kaufman tend to stretch things a bit in order to attract attention. I’m a Musk fan, but the reason I disagree with Kaufman is because Rome did not fall because of “tax dodgers and semi-cultivated usurpers” but because in the mid–4th century Asia was hit by a mega-drought and Huns moved west, terrorized the Goths, and drove them to the western borders of the Roman Empire. That is when Emperor Biden—sorry, Valens—let them in. Rome then found itself alienated from its citizens. (Get it, Kaufman?)

Now let’s leave the fourth century and go back only to 1967, when I went sailing with Gianni Agnelli, owner of Fiat and many other things, to the island of Lampedusa. It had a population of 6,000, and it was rocky, white, and closer to Africa than mainland Italy. The Italians welcomed us as they did every visitor, with wines and fruit and good wishes. Lampedusa today still has a local population of 6,000, but recently more than 11,000 African migrants arrived on the small isle that was already bursting with 7,000 migrants from Africa.

“Knowing what permanent harm do-gooders can do, even the good old US of A will one day run out of space.”

Just to put it in perspective, imagine the good old US of A suddenly taking in 700 million souls, as a rather confused man living in the White House is informed that they had come responding to his incentives. Border enforcement is to Joe Biden what polysyllabic words are to Kamala Harris, an antidemocratic way of impoverishing professional politicians like themselves and keeping them out of office.

Four million migrants have come through American borders since Biden floated into the White House, 2 million this year alone. It seems that the less Joe gets it, the more pour through our borders, most of them prospective Democrat voters in the near future. In fact, the White House has abdicated all responsibility for controlling the border. When it speaks of “finding ways to get various groups legal status,” in reality it means a mass amnesty. It served Obama well, and it will do so again for the confused man in the Big White House.

In the meantime, in Lampedusa, sub-Saharan Africans were fighting with North Africans over food. And this is just a preamble. It is a foretaste of what Europe will have to face soon. By 2050 sub-Saharans will number 2.12 billion. European population is shrinking in reverse rates that African ones are multiplying. Do the math, as they say, and sooner rather than later Africans will move to Europe in search of food and many other things. No continent has ever witnessed the kind of growth sub-Saharan Africa has since time immemorial, yet those wise men who oppose unlimited immigration, men such as Viktor Orbán of Hungary, are painted as fascists by the lefties who run the news media everywhere, starting with the odious New York Times.

Do any of you remember Angela (Trojan Horse) Merkel? When millions of Afghans, Iraqis, and Pakistanis joined the Syrians fleeing the war in Syria, the Italians proposed a naval blockade, but the E.U.’s unelected bureaucrooks decreed it illegal. That is when Merkel stepped in and announced, to hosannas, “Wir Shaffen Das,” meaning Germany would take in one million and a half young, horny Arab males. No German woman has felt safe since, and only last month in Stuttgart mobs of Eritrean dissidents battled with iron bars and concrete rods.

Sweden, once upon a time the most peaceful country in Europe, is now racked by Arab gangster wars, all due to the country’s liberal policies of open borders. Viewed by posterity, the war launched by Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy against Muammar Gaddafi opened the corridor for the traffickers into mainland Europe. What my great fear is, only because I have children and grandchildren living in Italy and Austria, is that this is just the beginning.

Back here things are not as bad because of the size of the country, but knowing what permanent harm do-gooders can do, even the good old US of A will one day run out of space. Take New York, for example. The city is awash with drugs, guns, sleaze, crazies, and an influx of illegal migrants. Schools are swamped with kids who don’t speak English or even Spanish in many cases. Rights to shelters, health care, education, and even walking-around money are guaranteed by laws passed by left-wingers promising infinite resources to anybody who comes here. Open borders kill more than 100,000 Americans each year from drug overdoses sent here by Mexican cartels.

In Europe repatriation centers built to house, say, 400 now have 10,000 to deal with. A biblical exodus is in our midst, yet E.U. officials are busy condemning those brave politicians who are refusing to fling their borders open. Here it is the same. Cowardly Democrat-ass-kissing media types refuse to acknowledge this coming holocaust. Kaufman types will blame tax dodgers and semi-cultivated usurpers, but they will be whistling Dixie. Elon Musk types will have left for Mars in his rockets by the time the you-know-what hits the fan.

The two most terrifying days on the calendar are finally here: Halloween on 31 October, and World Vegan Day on 1 November. Paradoxically, extreme non-meat-eating, taken to its logical limit, may counterintuitively conclude in acts of extreme meat-eating…namely, the eating of other humans. After all, if men and women completely cannibalize one another into extinction, they will by definition be unable to continue immorally chowing down on any other fleshly species like cows or chickens, won’t they?

This is the genuine creed promoted by the vegan witch Patricia MacCormack, an Australian tutor of Continental Philosophy (re: Left Bank deconstructionist drivel) at England’s Anglia Ruskin University, an institution she wishes to transform into “the Evil Cambridge”—although I think she really hopes to re-create Miskatonic University, the fictional institution of twisted tertiary education from the Weird Tales of celebrated U.S. pulp-horror writer H.P. Lovecraft (HPL to his mates).

The Black Arts
Online PR photos make Goth Girl MacCormack resemble Vampire crossed with Dame Edna Everage. Outside of academia, Tim Burton’s solidified wet dream has a sideline in occult-based DJ-ing and performance arts, gracing one 2017 London nightlife event at which a “vicious queer spell” caused “punk witches,” “camp vampires,” and “queer zombies” to rise from their graves and invade clubland in the name of dismantling capitalism. As said event was funded by Arts Council England, it appears all the Devil’s Forces of Hell are now directly taxpayer-subsidized in Great Britain, no longer just the social workers.

“No more humans, says MacCormack, no more racism, sexism, homophobia, or capitalism.”

An incomplete list of MacCormack’s many vital literary contributions to contemporary academic non-knowledge just has to be seen to be believed: I shall limit myself here to mentioning The Ecstatic Olfactory Face (2014), Becoming-Vulva (2010), Rebuilding the Fabulated Bodies of the Hoard-Warriors (2016), Perversion: Transgressive Sexuality and Becoming-Monster (2004), Queer Posthumanizm (2015), and Tortured Spectators: Massacred and Mucosal (2017).

In order to be paid (by you) to write more, she “continues to apply for large grants.” Yes, and I bet she fucking gets them, too.

One Up the Bum, No Harm Done
A proud and open traitor to her own species (she’s a human, apparently), MacCormack is most notorious for her tract The Ahuman Manifesto: Activism for the End of the Anthropocene, the “Anthropocene” being the geological epoch we are now living through, in which mankind has begun directly altering the planet’s very nature via pollution. Published in 2020 by the alleged major academic imprint Routledge, the book’s main argument is that, in order to bring the Gaia-raping Anthropocene to a quick end, mankind should voluntarily kill itself off completely, ASAP.

This can be facilitated by four new stations of the cross of an invented anti-human anti-religion named the Church of Euthanasia, namely: sodomy (you can’t get pregnant up the bum), abortion, suicide, and, of course, cannibalism. A vegan who ironically aspires to swallow man-meat, MacCormack has penned learned essays on necrophilia, “thanaterotics,” and “necrosexuality,” making the Modest Proposal that humanity subsists off its own dead as entirely as possible, using them as sources of food and fuel rather than animal livestock or nasty, polluting fossil fuels. Clearly, the true tragedy of Auschwitz’s industrial ovens was actually their carbon emissions.

Sabrina the Perpetually Teenage Witch
MacCormack’s eldritch neo-Necronomicon was reviewed on this very website back in 2021 by regular Takimag scribe Theodore Dalrymple, who openly admitted he didn’t understand a word of it. I envy him. Desiring a fright for Halloween, I too have now absorbed this very same grimoire and, sadly, found that I actually did understand it—namely, I understood it to be deliberately written using a mode of fashionable obscurantist discourse explicitly designed to make no sense.

“I don’t understand the point of even understanding something,” MacCormack once confessed; so, if like Dr. Dalrymple you don’t get what she’s saying, that actually stands as a sort of educational success, at least to Weird Sisters like her.

“In order to dismantle the human, I have sought to no longer argue like a human, with other humans,” she writes on her book’s very first page. To which one can only say in response: “Cthulhu fhtagn R’lyeh!

Instead of talking to the humans, Doctorate Doolittle prefers to talk to both the animals and the demons—or to talk utter bollocks upon their behalf, anyway. “I simply can’t see why she is so sure that creatures of the underworld and hidden realms also read The Guardian,” one critical assessment of her curious far-left oeuvre says, and I would tend to agree.

Beyond the Minge
As an “anti-racist, pro-queer, anti-ableist feminist,” Goodwife (or most likely Badwife) MacCormack sometimes performs in conjunction with an arts organization named cuntemporary.org. This particular cuntemporary artist specializes in performing acts of so-called cunt chaos magick, or Cunnus Chaosium, apparently intended to somehow conjure the fictional space-demons of H.P. Lovecraft into our real-life earthly realm through the gateway of her own figurative vagina, thereby to destroy mankind wholesale in the name of Greta Thunberg and All Her Works.

If you’re unfamiliar with HPL, he was an extremely conservative hack who wrote dozens of entertainingly anti-humanistic horror yarns about demons from outer space or other dimensions who invaded Earth to eat or interbreed with the natives, thereby transforming them into hideous subhuman scum—a metaphor for white American WASPs foolishly mating with non-Anglo-Saxon immigrants and thereby spawning degenerate walking mixed-race abortions like Naomi Osaka.

HPL’s chief literary space-demon was Cthulhu, a colossal squid-headed horror with tentacles all over his face. Being a politically queer feminist witch who wishes to transform humans into “queerdos,” MacCormack has theorized Cthulhu’s face was actually a huge alien vagina. Admittedly, in HPL’s books Cthulhu is assigned the Earth pronoun “he,” but this is “a very cunty he,” she says.

Riffing off the postmodern philosophies of Belgian-born feminist pseudo-academic Luce Irigaray, MacCormack feels logic itself is but a hidden power tool of white maleness, white males being allegorical dickheads, not massive tentacular minge-mouths. For Irigaray, penises were rigid, logical, and comprehensible, whereas vaginas were fluid, messy, and chaotic, full of fiddly folds and uncertain borders. Hence, cunt-face Cthulhu stood for illogical queerness against the normative traditional cisheteropatriarchal hierarchy: Cthulhu is blackness, femaleness, gayness, etc., etc.

How to summon Cthulhu into our world for real? Through MacCormack’s own cunt (this is her habitual preferred term, not mine), which is inherently demonic. Like Yog-Sothoth in HPL, a hideous arch-demon who embodies and opens the magical portal through which his even worse stygian allies can later pass, her own cunt is a gate or Hell-Mouth through which the chief space-demon Cthulhu can imaginatively manifest xeself.

Unshaven cunts, like some demons and animals, “are hairy and exceed the capacity to be smoothed,” making them ideal birthing passages for Lovecraftian horrors like the biblical monster Leviathan, whom MacCormack claims was nothing but a massive cunt, “that which gathers itself together in folds,” as opposed to a giant whale, as mainstream scholars usually argue.

The human cunt “is a demon” that “must be evoked,” it “will not come [i.e., cum] unless it is desired” by its sorcerer, MacCormack continues, before explaining to her fellow students of the Dark Arts that, via the performance of “queerly bendy practices,” or strange self-invented occult rituals, “we can think and act like cunts” too. She appears to do little else.

The Dumb Witch Horror
Disappointingly, the real Rosemary’s Baby that Posthuman Pat wishes to birth through her cunt is not a literal demon but an imaginative one, that of anti-logical, far-left, French-bred deconstructionism: For “Cthulhu” and “Leviathan,” you should really read “Derrida” or “Foucault.”

Like those two notorious pseuds, MacCormack’s deliberately loony arguments are meant to deconstruct everything about our civilization we take for granted. The uncertain, folded-over borders of the cunt can be used as a practical argument to dismantle national borders, she claims: Dismantling borders is to subvert HPL’s white ethnonationalism, transform walls into gates, and dissolve the West within a giant satanic melting pot like an evil alchemist (i.e., George Soros—another horrible massive cunt).

The ultimate point is to successfully “queer the species” by turning all known traditional commonsense values completely topsy-turvy (demon est deus inversus—the Devil is God upside down), with gays being elevated above straights, black criminals over white victims, and so forth. This sounds like MacCormack must be an identity-politics nutcase, but actually she hates identity politics.

She first wishes to destroy white cisheteronormativity only as a prelude to destroying cisspeciesnormativity: If white straight males can be made to see they and their worldview are nothing special, then all the disabled black benders who come to rule after them must be made to see they are not much to write home about either. Why does even St. George Floyd’s life matter more than that of an axolotl or an amoeba, or even something wholly inanimate like a rock, a tricycle, or a dog turd?

Once we are made to see that our entire human Weltanschauung is just a hateful inherited illusion, we can dismantle humanity wholesale, not just the white, straight, male, able-bodied portion of it, and embrace our extinction in a gentle and nonviolent fashion. By bumming one another into the grave, siring no more children, and eating and burning the corpses of our steadily accumulating natural dead whilst leaving all those innocent cows and lumps of coal alone, we pass away peacefully. Then, one day, the final human will die, and that will be it: The universe belongs once more to Cthulhu.

No more humans, says MacCormack, no more racism, sexism, homophobia, or capitalism. No more Brexit, either, which she honestly considers the true unfolding Apocalypse here, not her own.

Cannibal Holocaust
There have always been deluded, eccentric individuals in existence, and I actually find MacCormack’s crank screed darkly entertaining. The difference is, in past ages, she would surely have had to self-publish it at her own expense. No longer. What I find most disturbing about her Ahuman Manifesto is not its actual content, but the numerous laudatory testimonies on the back cover, provided by other academics who consider its message of species-wide genocide, people-eating, and corpse-loving to be not only sensible, practical, and ethically admirable, but even “joyful” and “beautiful.”

This “joyfully” nihilistic creed is now being promoted to our youth. It won’t end well, not in this era of ever-increasing deranged student radicalization. Will those indoctrinated young Green Guard fanatics who come after their idealistically pacifistic tutor try to violently force the issue of human extinction one day if they ever get the chance, perhaps with guns, bombs, genetically engineered viruses, or nuclear weapons?

Forget H.P. Lovecraft, the real Halloween horrors these days are haunting the library stacks of our Miskatonic Universities, not the shelves of our bookstores.

(All unreferenced quotes are taken from MacCormack’s book itself.)

The Week’s Most Preening, Demeaning, and Halloweening Headlines

Nobody’s saying 550-pound BLM activist Zyahna Bryant is fat, but…

George Floyd died because she inhaled in front of him and depleted all the oxygen for five square blocks. The Libyan flood happened after she did a cannonball into the Mediterranean. Her love of omelets single-handedly inflated the price of eggs. She tripped on a sidewalk and caused the Moroccan earthquake. She once protested a Confederate statue by sitting on it, and it hasn’t been seen again. She tried skydiving and caused an eclipse. Worse still, she was too heavy for the chute; her rapid descent took out a Gaza hospital.

She was considered for the lead role in Hidden Figures, but the producers realized that even Kilimanjaro couldn’t hide her figure. Still, Bryant does make good money from the residuals she receives for her role as the Raiders of the Lost Ark boulder.

“Afroby Dick” is best known for having ruined a white UVA student’s life by falsely accusing her of making anti-BLM comments. Last month, as a reward for destroying a white chick, Dove soap made Bryant their “brand ambassador” to promote “fat liberation” (“chunkers of the world unite!”).

And now, Dove’s tormenting New Yorkers by plastering the subway with posters of Bryant showing off her hairy armpits.

The biggest losers? The schizo homeless, who are complaining that the sight of the posters is causing commuters to jump in front of trains before they can be pushed.

Turns out “fat liberation” is also weighing heavily on U.S. armed forces. The obesity rate among the active duty is now at 21.6 percent. Today’s American soldiers can’t do ten jumping jacks without creating a foxhole.

And the Biden administration’s solution? Better physical fitness? Stricter recruitment standards? Removing the all-you-can-eat jelly doughnut stations in mess halls?

Nope. It’s “end fat shaming!”

“Icelandic women went on strike last week, because what the hell else is there to do in Iceland but drink and complain?”

Yep. Stop shaming fatties and they’ll get thinner…words of wisdom from the same people who say stop imprisoning criminals and they’ll stop committing crimes.

The U.S. may not be capable of another Normandy, but it’s totally ready for the next Gourmandy.

Iceland’s population—roughly the size of a freeway traffic jam in L.A.—has remained small because Iceland avoided the Third World “refugee” invasion that’s destroying the rest of Europe. And the reason for Iceland’s good fortune is obvious: Migrants assume that all Icelandic fries are cold.

But it’s a rule in “look how woke and introspective we are” white countries that even if you don’t have strife thrust upon you, you must create some for yourself. Even though Iceland is the world’s “most gender-equal society,” having “closed 91.2% of its gender gap according to the Global Gender Gap Index,” Icelandic women went on strike last week, because what the hell else is there to do in Iceland but drink and complain?

The goal of the strikers was to “stop the Icelandic economy for an entire day.”

And what is the Icelandic economy? Aluminum foil. Yes, the next time you line that cooking pan, thank an Icelander.

“Thank you, Iceland. You made post-dinner cleanup slightly less time-consuming.”

Surely a greater achievement than curing polio or putting a man on the moon.

Interestingly, Iceland uses the British spelling of “aluminium.” And for Americans curious about why the British spell it that way, the reason is, the men in that weak and crippled ex-empire love to get one opportunity a night to act like a powerful James Bond villain: “Honey, I’m wrapping the bangers for the fridge. BRING ME THE AL-YOO-MINNY-UM! BWA-HA-HA-HA!”

Thankfully, the one-day Icelandic foil strike didn’t affect America’s heroin smokers.

To reassure her fellow Europeans that the strike was a one-off, Iceland’s Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir held a conference call with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, as both are members of the “stupid language nobody else speaks” club. A transcript of the call reads as follows:

Jakobsdóttir: “Mjög borð gæt hafnarf.”

Rutte: “Moop ook boom boop.”

It was still more intelligible than anything Joe Biden’s said in ten years.

The only thing worse than losing to a stroke victim is having voters say, “I’m glad you lost to a stroke victim.”

Mehmet “Dr.” Oz vs. John Fetterman was not the GOP’s finest hour. Of course, that phrase has lost a certain amount of meaning over the past few years, because a political party needs to have at least a few “fine hours” to contrast with the “not-fine” ones. So perhaps it’s better to say that regarding the GOP’s recent streak of not-fine hours, Oz v. Fetterman was one of the not-finest.

The Republican strategy during that election was to mock Fetterman’s stroke.

“Hah! Derp-a-derp! Look at the derp! He can’t even speak in clear sentences! Derpy-derpy-derp!”

Considering that each year nearly 800,000 Americans suffer a stroke, meaning that at any given time there are millions of stroke victims in the electorate and tens of millions of family members of stroke victims, mocking a stroke victim as “derpy-derpy-derp” might, in retrospect, have been a poor strategy.

And over the past few weeks, as the GOP repeatedly humiliated itself in its search for a new House speaker in a clown show so humiliating it makes Benny Hill look sophisticated, Fetterman’s been fearlessly standing up to his party’s Jew-haters regarding Hamas. Again and again, Fetterman’s displayed rare integrity, slamming his party, his supporters, and even some of his staffers for their pro-Hamas rhetoric, to the point where Slate whined that he’s “too” anti-Hamas.

This as American Jews are finally starting to realize that some of their supposed “allies” really hate them.

When leftists around the country began ripping down posters of kidnapped Israeli hostages, Fetterman responded by plastering his office with the posters, as Republicans were too busy fighting over whether the new speaker should make his first priority the release of J6 prisoners or the slaying of Moloch for stealing the 2020 election.

Turns out the GOPs were the derps the whole time.

It’s a classic horror-movie trope.

“We traced the call…the derp is coming from inside the House!”

It’s the big game! You gather round with your best buds to cheer on your home team. There’s beer aplenty, chips, dip, and hot wings to spare.

The perfect day to watch football.

Wait, one thing’s missing…


Yes, what’s Monday Night Football without genocide?

Last week, as crowds at Michigan State were waiting to cheer on the Spartans, the school thought it would be fun to use the stadium’s JumboTron to host a trivia game…about Hitler.

Spectators snapped photos of the image of a noble-looking Hitler, standing under the Spartans’ logo, with the question “Can you name Hitler’s birth country?”

Other questions included: “In the final score of dead Jews, did Hitler cover the spread?” “What year did Hitler first use the Heil Mary pass?” “Name the Einsatzgruppen’s greatest shotgun formation.” “Was the murder of Europe’s Jews the first example of a nose tackle?” And “Ray Lewis or Hitler: Who was better at the Blitz?”

Following the inevitable outcry, Michigan State apologized for glorifying “Adolph” Hitler. The misspelling proved that the apology came from the university and not some slick PR firm, because only someone with a Michigan State education would make such an idiotic error.

Hopefully no similar führer fumbles occur at next week’s matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles Nests and the Cleveland Brauns.

Brookhaven, Mississippi, is 60 percent black. So, believe it or not, the city has a crime problem.

You can probably guess D’Monterrio Gibson’s race from his name. Suffice it to say that when he places an UberEats order, the delivery guy texts his wife, “I love you. Look after the kids.”

Gibson works, well, worked as a FedEx driver. And for some baffling reason, one day in January 2022 FedEx decided to send Gibson on his rounds in an unmarked rental van with Florida plates. Exactly the vehicle you want in neighborhoods where packages are routinely pilfered.

Brandon Case and his father, Gregory—two long-bearded white hillbillies whose family crest contains a jug and washboard—saw the unmarked van loitering on a dead-end street near a family member’s house (cousin, sister, wife? Could be all three). Thinking a robbery was in progress, the crime-fighting duo of Hatfield & McCoy jumped into their pickup and chased Gibson out of the neighborhood, the younger Case firing at the van as it sped away.

Daddy and junior Case are now on trial for attempted murder (the first prosecution ended in a mistrial after ol’ Zeke the hound dog broke wind and stunk up the courtroom somethin’ fierce). And Gibson? After losing a $5 million suit against FedEx (ironically, even though the company clearly put the poor bastard in danger, because the reckless negligence wasn’t racial in nature, a judge denied the suit. Maybe it was a mistake to make racism the only actionable offense against an employer), Gibson now wants to continue working as a driver for the company…but from home.

And FedEx was like, “Uh…how’s that even possible?”

And Gibson replied, “I’m a wronged black man. Make it happen!”

So they fired him.

Gibson plans to sue. Again.

Meanwhile, the L.A. Times ran a 2,168-word opus about how all over the country blacks are refusing to give up remote work because staying at home keeps them safe from “racism.” Black workers told the Times that venturing outside jeopardizes their “mental health.” They demand that companies allow blacks to stay home, away from public spaces, 24/7.

To which everyone else in America replied, “Your terms are acceptable.”

Remember when Sen. Rand Paul accused Dr. Anthony Fauci of funding China’s Wuhan virus lab?

Fauci replied, “Sen. Paul, you do not know what you’re talking about.”

The media loved it. Vanity Fair smirked, “Fauci Once Again Forced to Basically Call Rand Paul a Sniveling Moron.”

But now the magazine has changed its tune, admitting, “In Major Shift, NIH Admits Funding Risky Virus Research in Wuhan … Paul might have been onto something.”

Then what about question two: Did COVID-19 occur because of a leak from that lab?

“Today the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Energy and others agree with Paul. They believe COVID most likely came from a lab.”

When Paul confronted Fauci, saying, “The evidence is pointing that it came from the lab!” Fauci replied, “I totally resent the lie that you are now propagating.”

Was Paul lying? What’s the truth?

The media told us COVID came from an animal, possibly a bat.

But in my new video, Paul points out there were “reports of 80,000 animals being tested. No animals with it.”

Now he’s released a book, Deception: The Great Covid Cover-Up, that charges Fauci and others with funding dangerous research and then covering it up.

“Three people in the Wuhan lab got sick with a virus of unknown origin in November of 2019,” says Paul. The Wuhan lab is 1,000 kilometers away from where bats live.

Today the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Energy and others agree with Paul. They believe COVID most likely came from a lab.

I ask Paul, “COVID came from evil Chinese scientists, in a lab, funded by America?”

“America funded it,” he replies, “maybe not done with evil intentions. It was done with the misguided notion that ‘gain of function’ research was safe.”

Gain of function research includes making viruses stronger.

The purpose is to anticipate what might happen in nature and come up with vaccines in advance. So I push back at Paul, “They’re trying to find ways to stop diseases!”

He replies, “Many scientists have now looked at this and said, ‘We’ve been doing this gain of function research for quite a while.’ The likelihood that you create something that creates a vaccine that’s going to help anybody is pretty slim to none.”

Paul points out that Fauci supported “gain of function” research.

“He said in 2012, even if a pandemic occurs … the knowledge is worth it.” Fauci did write: “The benefits of such experiments and the resulting knowledge outweigh the risks.”

Paul answers: “Well, that’s a judgment call. There’s probably 16 million families around the world who might disagree with that.”

Fauci and the National Institutes of Health didn’t give money directly to the Chinese lab. They gave it to a nonprofit, EcoHealth Alliance. The group works to protect people from infectious diseases.

“They were able to accumulate maybe over $100 million in U.S. taxpayer dollars, and a lot of it was funneled to Wuhan,” says Paul.

EcoHealth Alliance is run by zoologist Peter Daszak. Before the pandemic, Daszak bragged about combining coronaviruses in Wuhan.

Once COVID broke out, Daszak became less eager to talk about these experiments. He won’t talk to me.

“Peter Daszak has refused to reveal his communications with the Wuhan lab,” complains Paul. “I do think that ultimately there is a great deal of culpability on his part … They squelched all dissent and said, ‘You’re a conspiracy theorist if you’re saying this (came from a lab),’ but they didn’t reveal that they had a monetary self-incentive to cover this up,” says Paul.

“The media is weirdly un-curious about this,” I say to Paul.

“We have a disease that killed maybe 16 million people,” Paul responds. “And they’re not curious as to how we got it?”

Also, Our NIH still funds gain of function research, Paul says.

“This is a risk to civilization. We could wind up with a virus … that leaks out of a lab and kills half of the planet,” Paul warns.

Paul’s book reveals much more about Fauci and EcoHealth Alliance. I will cover more of that in this column in a few weeks.

Recently, a Belgian politician did something unusual for a modern politician: He acted almost honorably.

He was the Minister of Justice when two Swedish football supporters were shot dead in Brussels by a Tunisian Islamist, Abdelsalam Lassoued, age 45.

Lassoued had been a common criminal in Tunisia and was refused asylum in Belgium. He was under orders to leave the country, but the authorities lost sight of him and made no efforts to expel him. He was known to them as both a common criminal and an Islamist. As if this were not bad enough, it was revealed by the Belgian press that Tunisia had asked for his extradition a year ago, but no one in the ministry had seen fit to act on the request. Normally, one of the excuses for not expelling aliens illegally in the country is that their countries of origin will not accept them back. There was no such excuse in this case.

“At what point is a dysfunction within an organization so great that the head of it can be held responsible?”

The Belgian Minister of Justice, Vincent Van Quickenborne, resigned, saying that he took responsibility for the gross dysfunction of his ministry that resulted in the deaths of two Swedes. I say that he acted almost honorably, because it is by no means clear what he would have done had the press not revealed the story to the public. Would he have resigned if he had been informed of the Tunisian request for extradition, but it had been possible to conceal it? We shall never know.

At any rate, it was not suggested that he personally had been negligent. He had known nothing of the request, but he took responsibility for the malfunction of the organization of which he was the head.

As it happens, he had been involved in something similar not long before. Three guests of his, invited to his home to celebrate his 50th birthday, were caught on camera after they left urinating on police cars nearby (the minister was under police protection because of threats of kidnapping made against him). Mr. Van Quickenborne said that he had no knowledge of his friends’ behavior and did not approve of it; but a video clip showed that he had been out in the streets at the same time. He had made a gesture that was claimed by some to be of urination, but the minister claimed that he was miming playing a guitar. It says something of modern musical culture that urinating and playing an instrument, even in mime, can be mistaken for each other; but the essential point is that Mr. Van Quickenborne claimed that he was not responsible for his guests’ behavior. (I search my acquaintanceship for anyone who would urinate on police cars on leaving my house, but evidently I do not move in such elevated social circles.)

Let us return to his resignation from the ministry of justice. Let us grant for the sake of argument that it was entirely honorable; but I was mildly troubled by the question of whether it would have been just to require him to resign had he not done so of his own accord.

The man at the head of an organization of any size cannot know every last detail of what his staff are doing. It might be said that he should know it, but there cannot be a moral obligation to do what it is impossible to do. At what point is a dysfunction within an organization so great that the head of it can be held responsible?

It might be said that the head person is paid more than anyone else—sometimes pharaonically more than anyone else—precisely because he is expected and willing to take the responsibility for all that the organization does or fails to do. He accepts the potential injustice of being held responsible for things that he did not know about, or could not have known about, as part of the bargain. This still does not answer the question of whether it is just for someone to be obliged to take responsibility for something completely beyond his control. He might have signed a contract, but is a potentially unjust contract rightly enforceable?

There are practical disadvantages to holding the head of an organization responsible for all that the organization does or for whatever happens within it. It encourages that person to interfere constantly with the work of his staff, since he will automatically be held responsible for it. Such interference paralyzes everyone with fear; the staff are reluctant to do anything that does not come as an order from on high. This is because the exercise of initiative is seen by the head as potentially dangerous. The head should, of course, engage trustworthy staff; but in a large organization he cannot possibly be responsible for the appointment of everybody. The head therefore becomes mistrustful and even paranoid.

But the opposite is dangerous too. If a chief remains chief whatever his organization does or whatever happens within it, he acts with impunity. When something goes wrong, the search is not for explanation or remedy, but for the lowest person in the hierarchy to whom blame can plausibly be fixed. The grossest faults of management are thus reassigned to the humblest employee, the bottom-feeders of the organization, so to speak. I have seen this many times in the organizations for which I have worked.

Sometimes it seemed to me that elaborate procedures were devised specifically with this in mind. A procedure was so complicated and ill-understood that it was inevitable that it should not be followed to the letter. The person lowest in the hierarchy who did not follow the procedure exactly can then be blamed for what went wrong, because procedures often carry with them the implicit promise that if they are followed, nothing can go wrong. Something did go wrong, therefore the procedure was not followed correctly.

Several times I have been in coroner’s court or in an inquiry where the main question was whether the forms were filled correctly. By correctly, I do not mean truthfully; I mean often enough or at the right time. Truth didn’t enter into it.

So should the Belgian minister have resigned? Justice (possibly) says no; honor says yes. It is not often that honor wins when the two collide.

Theodore Dalrymple’s latest book is Ramses: A Memoir, published by New English Review.

From the horror that is Gaza to horror comedy here in the Big Bagel. Sam Bankman-Fried is on trial for stealing 8 billion smackers from investors, but as he has pleaded not guilty, I suppose I have to give him the benefit of the doubt. SBF, as I shall call him for the duration, is not burdened by guilt, nor is he worried by his lack of hygiene and many other things, I’m told. Before his fall last November, SBF was the darling of the press despite the paucity of wit and charm usually associated with crooks and con men like him.

Never mind, as they used to say in the Bahamas, where he had his headquarters. I first became intrigued by SBF while he was still on top and had people like Tony Blair running behind him calling him a genius. I saw him as just another slob left-winger with absolutely no respect for anyone because he thought he could buy all and sundry. And he did buy most of them by giving away hundreds of millions that didn’t belong to him. Although I had no idea that SBF was a total con man, I had a hunch and I’ll tell you why: He seemed to lack the self-doubt of someone uncomfortable with his moral upbringing. Now that I’ve seen pictures of his parents—straight out of The Rocky Horror Picture Show—my early suspicions based on that have proved correct.

“I will not deny that I hope SBF gets the book thrown at him, but I doubt that he will.”

And speaking of his parents, I’d like to know how two part-time Stanford law professors were able to put up a $250 million bail for their errant son. The sordid mess sort of marks the spiritual dead end of American prosperity, or perhaps the opposite, that con artists don’t always win. An old acquaintance of mine, the writer Michael Lewis, has just published a book on SBF, whom he was tracking and admiring before the fall. Lewis is a good writer and a gent, but until SBF’s demise, he had fallen hook, line, and sinker for the slob’s bullshit. Lewis was intrigued by the con man’s personal dishevelment and incessant videogame-playing. Instead of growing suspicious of the furtive lack of eye contact, Michael Lewis found it intriguing. SBF’s constant publicity tours and eagerness to speak with journalists should have been a red flag. Duh! It never entered Lewis’ mind that this was a left-wing slob defrauding people of their cash while posing as a savior of mankind by announcing he was ready to pay the Donald not to run in 2024.

I’ve never understood crypto and have never invested in it, but I read crypto freaks are redolent in the courtroom. There are even crypto-influencers who have befriended SBF after his arrest. SBF had advertised his low opinion of Shakespeare and has been quoted ad nauseam about it. What we don’t know is if he ever read the Bard. Ignorant hacks will quote anything and anybody as long as it’s controversial. I cannot think of any Shakespearean character that resembles SBF, perhaps a Dickensian would be closer to the real thing.

Poor Shakespeare, he’s now accused by—you know the kind—of elevating whiteness while denigrating blackness. The same types also accuse him of rendering true inclusion practically impossible. They top it off by saying that sexism and misogyny also play a big part in his plays. And here I thought SBF was a bad guy, but compared with William Shakespeare he seems to be an angel. In language that would land poor little me in jail nowadays, Othello is described as a “barbarous Moor,” and let’s not forget the anti-Semitism in The Merchant of Venice, where Shylock is called a devil, a wolf, and a dog.

No wonder SBF could not abide with the likes of Willy Shakespeare. He preferred to sign up and pay celebrities and sports stars like Larry David and Tom Brady. Which shows how much SBF understood what works in a country like the good old US of A: money and celebrity. The rest is dross. The one I liked the best is when SBF approached one Michael Kives, known for having ties to famous people, in other words some ass-kisser to the stars, an ex–Hollywood agent. The agent apparently had organized a Super Bowl party that SBF had attended, one that included Leonardo DiCaprio, Kris Jenner, Kendall Jenner, and Jeff Bezos. SBF called it the greatest group ever assembled and wished to throw millions of other people’s money at Kives.

Now I will tell you the truth, dear Takimag readers, and I’m not joking: I wouldn’t go to a party with such people even if I were being paid to attend, but then that’s just me. I suppose SBF and I have different values, just like SBF might even see Jeff Bezos as good-looking, whereas I see him as looking like a monster. Who knows? SBF insisted to associates that access to celebrities was crucial to the company’s growth, and that even stealing was acceptable as long as he, SBF, was pursuing the greater good of society.

I will not deny that I hope SBF gets the book thrown at him, but I doubt that he will. His values and his cynicism about what really matters in life are what I loathe. I see him as representing modern American capitalism, as opposed to the Henry Fords and Andrew Carnegies of old. Silly old me, times have passed me by.

In last week’s column, we noted the popularity of Hamas terrorists with BLM representatives. This week, we’ll consider the other main contingent of Hamas Boosters: foreigners, who, for reasons I can’t understand, are in my country.

In the past few weeks, Muslims and Arabs have poured into the streets in nearly every U.S. city to celebrate the slaughter of Israelis, while wearing scarves, keffiyehs and other clown outfits and waving the flags of Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Yemen, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and on and on.

It’s so obvious that these people don’t belong here that the immediate reaction of a number of politicians was to demand that their visas be revoked. (Nobody looked at anti-war protests in the ’60s and said, Revoke their visas!)

“You think Harvard had a problem with the “Bengali Association of Students” before the 1965 Immigration Act?”

Question: Why are we importing millions of people from lesser cultures who will inevitably despise and resent the West for its very success?

This isn’t the old They hate us for our freedoms! Rather, it is simply an acknowledgment of the fact that the most common and destructive human emotion is jealousy. People will brag about being gluttons, prideful, greedy, angry, lustful and lazy. The only venal sin no one will cop to is envy. That’s how insidious it is.

Consider the “open letter” from 33 Harvard student groups blaming Israelis for their own slaughter. In addition to about a dozen Muslim and Arab groups, the letter was signed by clubs for immigrants from various locales notable for their high levels of corruption and leprosy (e.g., Bangladesh, Nepal, Bengal and South Asia).

You think Harvard had a problem with the “Bengali Association of Students” before the 1965 Immigration Act?

Freshly installed and deeply unimpressive Harvard president Claudine Gay (daughter of Haitian immigrants) issued a kumbaya statement in response to the bloodthirsty student letter, expressing sadness about both the 1,500 slaughtered Israelis AND “the war in Israel and Gaza now underway.”

At this, billionaire donors to the university finally began to notice the insanity they’ve been funding. A couple of Israeli billionaires, Idan and Batia Ofer, quit Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government board in protest. Another Jewish billionaire, Bill Ackman, demanded the names of the students behind the letter. Gentile — and Republican! — Ken Griffin (cumulative gifts to Harvard: more than $500 million) also raised a ruckus.

The same thing happened at other institutions of higher learning.

Sorry to roll my eyes, but where have they been? The gleeful cheering for the mass murder of Israelis is only the latest expression of hate by inferior cultures toward the superior culture of the West — of which the donors are a shining example.

Here are a few other signposts of our descent into Calcutta.

In the last few years, statues of one great man after another have been toppled, among them: Christopher Columbus, Ulysses S. Grant, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, Teddy Roosevelt and Francis Scott Key. White, white, white, white, white and white.

Portraits of scientists at Rockefeller University who’d won the Nobel Prize or Lasker Award had to be removed on the grounds that they were all white men. The portraits made medical student Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako sad, so they had to go.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art disemboweled Beethoven’s opera, “Fidelio,” to turn it into a story about BLM triumphing over a white supremacist conspiracy to oppress immigrants and people of color (with a discussion sponsored by Columbia University on dismantling “systems of incarceration”).

Responding to student demand, the University of Pennsylvania removed a portrait of William Shakespeare and replaced it with a picture of a black feminist writer.

And how did Gay become the president of Harvard in the first place? Obviously, it was a rigorous competition — just as it was for Vice President Kamala Harris, Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and Sen. Laphonza Butler.

Gay’s “historic” appointment gave Harvard its first black president! (Who could’ve seen that coming?)

The shocked Harvard alums might not even be admitted today, with their cisgender white privilege. The college’s admissions office describes its job as “antiracism work.”

But when the exact same people who hate our country turned out to hate Israel, too, our clueless elites were gobsmacked. Gee, where’d that come from? We thought you liked us.

Of course barbarians hate Israel! Surrounded by enemies, Jews transformed an unforgiving desert into a first-rate civilization. Did anyone imagine the Holocaust would temper the bitter jealousy? That’s like heterosexual white coeds claiming to be “binary” to earn woke street cred. You’re still pretty, and they still hate you.

The conflict is far larger than a few hundred disaffected immigrants, “colonized” and “indigenous” people cheering mass murder by invading paragliders.

This is an endemic problem. Israel can’t do much about the neighborhood, but why on Earth is the U.S. importing preposterous foreigners from third-rate cultures? The failure of their ancestors to create anything worthwhile, certainly compared to the stupendous accomplishments of the West, is too glaringly obvious. Inviting millions upon millions of them here, to gawk at our magnificent civilization, is a guarantee of perpetual strife and resentment.

It could never work. It was always an insane idea.

Instead of trampling on the free speech rights of people who hate the West, how about avoiding the problem altogether by leaving them where they are? They’ll like it! Vastly fewer “white supremacists” to oppress them. They can hate us all they want. Just do it from their own countries.

After spending $6 trillion on social welfare and a Green New Deal spending spree and running our national debt up to $33 trillion, President Joe Biden is asking to whip out the federal credit card yet again for $100 billion more in military assistance for Ukraine and Israel and “humanitarian” aid.

Yes, it certainly is a dangerous world, and more so every day. But Biden has a lot of nerve proclaiming that he’s 100% committed to the defense of Ukraine and Israel when his own policies have contributed directly to the hostilities.

The most impactful way to repel our enemies — China, Russia, Middle East terrorists — is to defund them by producing every ounce of oil, gas and coal here at home. Biden’s war on American energy has cost the U.S. economy more than $200 billion in lost domestic energy output from the Trump pro-drilling trend. At least $40 billion of that has gone to the Iranians. You can buy a lot of rockets with that kind of money.

“The most impactful way to repel our enemies — China, Russia, Middle East terrorists — is to defund them by producing every ounce of oil, gas and coal here at home.”

Meanwhile, the Russian war machine is almost entirely funded with petrodollars. They love that the heart of the Biden climate policy is to produce 3 million barrels a day less than we could and should be.

Biden misses a larger point about our national security. Right now, our debt is the nation’s most urgent, clear and present danger — not just to our economic prosperity but to our national security. Presidents Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump believed rightly that when America is strong at home with an economy firing on all cylinders, we are strong, respected and feared abroad.

It’s painful to say, but right now, America is far weaker militarily and economically than we were four years ago. The most important geopolitical power today is economic and technological superiority.

You don’t achieve and retain that status by becoming the world’s premier debtor nation.

Americans are starting to feel in the pocketbook the corrosive effect of a hemorrhaging $6 trillion budget. Everything we buy is 17% more expensive as the government effectively prints and borrows money to pay its bills. Mortgage rates are surging, with a 30-year mortgage interest rate at 8%, up from 3% when since Trump left office.

This means that on an average-priced house with a 30-year mortgage, buyers will pay $1,500 a month more in payments. This will put homeownership out of reach for millions of Americans.

Then, there is the impact of skyrocketing federal interest payments on the debt. This year, for the first time, federal interest expenses exceed our entire national defense budget. With lower interest rate debt now turning over every day and having to be refinanced by issuing 5% and 6% Treasury bills, we’re facing a death spiral of red ink.

Borrowing more money now would make all these problems much worse and make America less of a superpower going forward. Republicans should be insisting on three conditions for any more debt spending packages.

First, it has to be much smaller — cut at least by half — than $100 billion. This isn’t Monopoly money we are talking about.

Second, any release of new funds must be accompanied by a pro-drilling strategy here at home to divert money away from our enemies.

And third, every penny must be paid for dollar-for-dollar with other spending cuts. This isn’t a heavy lift. We simply slash the $380 billion green energy slush fund and other wasteful programs.

If Biden and Congress don’t believe they can find and eliminate tens of billions of dollars of waste in the federal budget (about 1% of total spending), this is prima facie evidence that we need a new president and a new Congress.

So there used to be a self-described “gay Nazi chef” in Sacramento named Walter Mueller (or as I called him, Emeril Lagassechamber). Back in 2003, during my year off from life as I lived by the beach and did nothing but swim all day and drink all night, I’d monitor his website (out of boredom, mainly). And one day Holocaust denier/white supremacist extraordinaire Michael Hoffman posted a piece about how it’s the duty of all good Aryans to fight for the Palestinian cause.

Mueller’s followers greeted Hoffman’s screed with respectful but cautious “food for thought!” replies.

I decided to prove a theory of mine: that whenever white nationalists and Palestinians try to form an alliance, there’s one surefire way to thwart it.

Under a pseudonym (“Arthur Essen”), I submitted a rebuttal in which I contrasted the amount of land the Palestinians lost to Israel, and the number of displaced Palis, to the amount of land Germans lost after WWII, and the number of displaced ethnic Germans. And it was no contest. In terms of land, expellees, and deaths, German losses massively dwarfed everything the Palestinians experienced.

The 1961 book Germany Reports (the West German government’s 907-page postmortem of the postwar years) details Germany’s postwar population density crisis, and it was unparalleled. The Allies had flattened many cities entirely, and here were 14 million expellees crammed into a nation already struggling to feed and house its people.

“When rightists decide that blacks, Injuns, and Mexicans also deserve a do-over, then maybe I’ll view their pro-Palestinianism as something other than naked Jew-hatred.”

Yet the Germans welcomed the expellees, who, in turn, worked with the singular goal of reestablishing their lives to provide a future for their children. They didn’t sit around in fetid refugee camps plotting revenge against those who expelled them. They didn’t wire their kids as human bombs. They didn’t put their lives on hold until they could reclaim the land they once owned.

Now why, “Essen” asked, should Aryans save a people who won’t do likewise?

You can’t claim there’s a right way if you won’t admit there’s a wrong way. You wanna be a proud Aryan? A mighty Nord? Then admit that your people possess the IQ and love of kin to handle a land-loss/expellee crisis the right way. And don’t white knight for losers who do it the wrong way. To put it in more current terms, if you pride yourself on being civilized enough to get cold McDonald’s fries without shooting the cashier in retaliation, you can’t ally with people who do shoot the cashier, because doing so implies that you’re not better, just different.

And that’s the core tenet of multiculturalism: “not better, just different.”

“Hey, your method of accepting a postwar land-loss—living in open sewers, pining for lost olive trees (every Pali claims their ancestors were olive grove barons. It’s the Pali version of “we wuz kangz”), not holding your Muslim “brothers” accountable for refusing to take you in, and turning your kids into human bombs—is no better or worse than our method of adapting to new circumstances, ensuring the future of our children, helping each other prosper, and being adults about the fact that lost land is the price of war.”

And holy crow, did my Essen “wedge” work! Mueller enthusiastically ran it on his front page for two weeks straight. It unleashed a flood of supportive comments, and skinhead Hoffman went scurrying.

My theory proved correct: Any modern-day Pali/Nazi alliance can be shattered by pointing out that if you really think you’re an übermensch, why go to bat for those who proved incapable of competently handling what your people dealt with so ably?

Okay, that was 2003, just a bored Dave conducting a “social experiment” on a small bunch of marginalized Nazi nobodies. But here we are in 2023, and the right’s lousy with Nazis. And for those of you who think I’m being “hysterical” about the influence of Nick Fuentes, note that a week ago he was feted for seven hours by a political operative funded by the Wilks brothers, who also fund Ben Shapiro, Daily Wire, and Prager U.

The “respectable right” is absolutely looking for ways to mainstream Fuentes and his frog people. If you don’t want it to happen, talk about it now, before it does happen.

Last week one of Charlie Kirk’s TPUSA “influencers” went full ZOG, decrying America as “Zionist Occupied” and Jews as “Jewish-supremacist genocidal oppressors” as she and another TPUSA influencer shared Fuentes Nazi videos. And Charlie Kirk’s response? Basically, “I’ll stay silent like a coward because I don’t want Groypers attacking me again like they did on immigration.”

My exact point from last week: You can’t open the door to Nazibois for help on immigration without them eventually demanding that you accept their bizarre and voter-alienating fetishes.

With many on the far-right joining the left regarding Israel vs. Hamas, my little Essen experiment is more relevant than ever. Let’s not forget that one of the foundational tenets of Western anti-Zionism is, “The superior man shouldn’t win even if his victory would improve the world.” This was spelled out in a 1947 Atlantic piece by Princeton’s W.T. Stace, who explicitly linked keeping Jews from controlling Palestine to keeping whites from prevailing against their lessers. Stace admits that Jews would run Palestine better. They’re smarter, more capable; he acknowledges that. But, he admonishes, betters prevailing over lessers is a historical atrocity that must be ended. Yes, he cedes, whites made better use of North America than Injuns ever could’ve, but whites should not have been allowed to do so (Stace is crystal clear on that point). “Highly civilized people” must never be allowed to dominate “a backward people.” That’s his message, verbatim.

Arab opposition to Israel in the 1940s was religious. But in the West, it was progressive. Just because you’re smarter, better, stronger, you have no right to best an oogabooga on the field of battle.

Today’s rightists love to posture about “the better man won; get over it.” Whites beat the Injuns, so shut up about your “offense” at a football mascot. Blacks were enslaved. Hey, Daquan, your own people sold you out; we owe you nothing for what your ancestors “lost” from 300 years of slavery, Jim Crow, and lynchings. Suck it up, Tyrone; quit dwelling on the past.

Rightists have no patience for blacks who rob and kill for “reparations,” and something tells me that if featherheads started shelling cities to get back thar lah-yund, or if Mexicans shelled Texas to get back what they lost in a war against a superior opponent, rightists would have no tolerance for that shit.

Like welfare blacks living in ignorance and squalor in inner cities, and Injuns living in abysmal poverty on reservations, Gazans are a failed people who lost a war ages ago but can’t accept it. Yet Gazans are egged on in their discontent by an international community that hates seeing people with lighter skin prevail over people with darker skin (the same international community that would cheer blacks in the U.S. for slaughtering whites as “revenge” for slavery).

Palestinians are told, “Keep fighting to get back those olive groves! You lost, but you deserve a do-over.” Many far-rightists seem to be on board with this. And when those rightists decide that blacks, Injuns, and Mexicans also deserve a do-over, then maybe I’ll view their pro-Palestinianism as something other than naked Jew-hatred.

The horrific statistics provided last week by Nigel Farage revealing the stunning level of criminality exhibited by Palestinian “refugees” and their children in Denmark (stats that would make the average LaQuarsha go “Day-yum, they some dangerous-ass muthas”) prove the point: a failed people.

When Iranians fled the Ayatollah, most of ’em settled here, in SoCal (Beverly Hills, specifically). They became doctors, dentists, business owners. Their McMansions skyrocketed my neighborhood’s property values. They lost their homeland soil, but, like postwar Germans, they reacted to the loss by making their children into millionaires instead of bombs.

With Gazans, the elephatwa in the room is that whether Israel blockades them or not, gives them autonomy or not, the losers on that reservation will never stop wanting those olive groves back. If the world community had wanted to do those sad sacks a favor, it would’ve long ago told them, “You lost a war, assholes. It happens; move on.”

I’ll close with Fadia Rafeedie. She’s a Palestinian-American whose parents chose to forget the fucking olive groves and relocate from “occupied Palestine” to the U.S. As a college student at UC Berkeley (BA) and Yale (JD), Rafeedie was a vocal proponent of suicide bombings, terrorism, and the murder of Jews. Then she graduated and got a whole bunch of good jobs. Law clerk to Ronald Gould (Jewww!) of the Ninth Circuit, associate at the law firm of Munger/Tolles (Jewwwwws!), and finally, in-house counsel for Southern California Edison (serving the largest population of Israelis outside Israel).

I reached out to Rafeedie last week to seek her unique perspective on going from radical suicide-bomb enthusiast to counsel for the largest subsidiary of Edison in the U.S. With pro-Hamas law students at Harvard and elsewhere being threatened with “blackballing” by major firms, perhaps her insights, her experience, could demonstrate how someone can go from pro-violence radicalism in their youth to law-abiding, steady jobs working side by side with Jews in their adulthood.

I explained that a few words from her could possibly help the now-jeopardized careers of her fellow Palis who are at risk of being blackballed. She’s a living example of how one can’t necessarily judge a person’s life arc by the passionate statements of their youth.

And she refused any comment.

See, Fadia Rafeedie lost the olive groves and found the good life. Huge house, big family, high-paying corporate gig. She moved on from wanting to blow up Jews to reclaim her holy dirt, and now she’s livin’ large. But she doesn’t want the secret to get out to other Palis that such an arc is possible. She wants “her people” to stay poor and angry. And whereas in her youth she believed that the best way to accomplish that was to call for the death of Jews, today she knows that the best way is for her to stay invisible, to not let “her people” know how well she did by giving up the lost cause.

A failed people, whose few success stories want them to stay a failed people. Whose “Muslim brothers” in other nations want them to stay a failed people, and whose champions from other faiths want them to stay a failed people, addicted to welfare and blindly pursuing olive groves at the expense of their own lives and the lives of their children.

I can’t shed a tear for ’em. It’s a mess, but it ain’t my mess.

And if you’re a rightist who’s obsessed with defending the Palis, well…if you believe that foreign aid money is better spent at home, so’s your “empathy,” Cletus. Help our failed people. Help get justice for the nonwhite folks here who were dominated by their betters.

Groypers for Slavery Reparations!

Make it happen, Fuentes.