Meet Chicago Democrat Party official (and amateur musician) Mary Lemanski. On the evening of Nov. 21, following the mass murders at the Waukesha Christmas parade, as the bodies of Darrell Brooks’ victims were still warm, and while victim No. 6, an 8-year-old child, was still barely clinging to life, Lemanski, social media director for the DuPage County Democrat Party, went on a Twitter diatribe about how the victims “reaped what they sowed” because of “collective karma” following the Rittenhouse verdict.

“The blood of Kyle Rittenhouse’s victims is on the hands of Wisconsin citizens, even the children.”

Lemanski repeatedly claimed that the “white” Waukesha victims got what they deserved (and before you go there, she’s gentile. If you think the Polish suffix “-ski” denotes “Jewish,” you’re one hell of a lousy ethnographer).

I followed the Lemanski freak show because I found her honesty refreshing. She didn’t hesitate to openly admit her hatred of her fellow whites, which, she tweeted, came from childhood experiences:

I was sexually abused at age 2, a victim of white racists against Polish people from age 1-7, lost my virginity to a rapist at age 14, had an abusive mother. I had serious issues because of white racism.

By morning, Lemanski’s antics were everywhere. Fox News (which broke the story), Daily Mail, NY Post. But it wasn’t just right-leaning organs. The AP, NBC, CBS, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Star Tribune, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Daily Beast, MSN, Yahoo News, and Newsweek all carried the story.

Lemanski was fired from her party position. She whined about her newfound infamy in one final tweet before liquidating her social media:

Nobody cared about me like my whole life. My mom used to leave me for hours at a time alone in my play pen. I’ve put out music for 20 years nobody gave a shit. Why do people all of a sudden care about a stupid remark? I can’t believe my 15 minutes of fame is for this shit.

Normally, I don’t devote space to “freak of the week” stories…but I find this incident instructive.

First off, it’s intriguing how quickly the non-rightist media “pounced” on Lemanski. She was by no means a major national figure. A party official, sure, and fair game because of it. But the left-leaning press seemed to pile on with atypical vigor.


Well, Lemanski revealed the secret handshake. She dared to explicitly mention her antiwhite bias. She didn’t cloak it in academic gibberish like “equity.” She made it clear that she’s driven by a hatred of white people.

She gave the game away. Democrats traffic in antiwhite hatred, but they can never openly admit it. So when one of them does, out they go, to preserve the illusion that the “hater” was an anomaly.

But here’s the bigger point: Lemanski perfectly represents something I discussed several weeks ago, the fact that a lot of what we take for antiwhite ideology is actually in many cases a personal beef manifesting as ideological. Like so many antiwhite activists, Lemanski is a deeply broken individual. Her obsession with past slights even extended to, in one tweet, naming the white kid who pushed her off a swing when they were children (she even doxxed his contact info and current workplace).

Lemanski represents the arm of antiwhiteness personified by the sick and the damaged. People driven not by ideology, but by personal bitterness and failure. Antiwhiteness just happened to be the balm Lemanski needed. Had she been bullied and beaten by black kids as a child, she’d be running with the Hakenkreuz Skins, with a totenkopf tattooed on her boob.

There’s nothing “intellectual” about Lemanski’s antiwhiteness; she’s weak and wounded. Give her the opportunity to be “professionally” antiwhite and she’ll take it, because for her, it’s healing.

The problem is, no major political party should be providing that opportunity. The fact that antiwhiteness is so accepted in America today, the fact that it’s promoted, the fact that being antiwhite can be a job qualification, allows broken, bitter whites (women, especially) to not just indulge in but profit from the demons rattling around inside their haunted heads.

Naturally, a great deal of antiwhite hostility comes from blacks (as should be obvious), but that doesn’t engross me as much, because there’s obvious perceived self-interest there. There’s no mystery to that motivation. In employment, academia, and just generally in life, there’s a black advantage to be had by keeping whites down, out, and cowed. I’m far more interested in the motivations of whites who not only go along with the program, but oftentimes advance it without pressure from blacks.

“The fact that antiwhiteness is so accepted in America today allows broken, bitter whites to profit from the demons rattling around inside their haunted heads.”

Sometimes the answer is simple opportunism. There’s money in antiwhiteness. But not at ground level; opportunism doesn’t explain whites voting against their best interests or pushing CRT on white children. What does is that white adherents of wokeism are the same people susceptible to what’s known as (and man I hate this term) “woo-woo,” defined by The Spectator’s Leah McLaren as “anything slightly silly, trendy and/or new agey that exists for the primary purpose of making people (almost always privileged white women) feel better about our bodies and minds.”

And Jews, who play such an outsize role in publishing, academia, journalism, and political think-tankery, have assumed the traditionally Jewish position of psychiatrist in pitching this woo-woo to the self-absorbed white women sitting on their couch. Instead of blaming it all on mommy and daddy, the new Freudians blame it all on whitey (many of these Jews are themselves broken; as I detailed several weeks ago, George Soros continues to be obsessed with and driven by his family’s humiliation during World War II).

Anytime a society allows hatred of a particular racial or ethnic group to become not just mainstream, not just accepted, but rewarded, that hatred will become a commodity. And overarching weltanschauung racial theories (“this group is responsible for all the world’s ills”) can easily morph into pop psychology.

But what’s missing from the manure mountain of antiwhite books, essays, and lectures stinking up the discourse these days is a comprehensive study of the motivations of those who are attracted to this kind of “woo-woo.” That’s why it’s the angle that intrigues me the most. Because if one views antiwhiteness as a pathology (or, as I described in a previous piece, a disorder), it’s vital to pinpoint who’s most susceptible.

With a single-celled organism like Mary Lemanski, it’s easy to explain why she’s drawn to antiwhiteness. But those school-board hags and CRT pushers in the classrooms, and all the college-educated whites who continue to vote for this nonsense…what’s their deal?

There’s more than one explanation. In The Virgin Spring, Bergman infuses his rape/revenge morality tale with an underlying message about why Christianity took hold in the old Nordic lands: It offered something the pagan faiths didn’t—repentance and absolution. Wokeism gives that to whites who are under the delusion that they need it because of their skin color and “genocidal” racial history.

But there I go gettin’ fancy-pantsed (referencing Bergman? Really, Dave?). In truth, much of the attraction among certain whites to wokeism boils down to the fact that the feebleminded are highly suggestible. It’s like how thousands of impressionable white chicks saw Todd Haynes’ 1995 film Safe, which gave national publicity to the then-little-known psychosomatic pseudoailment “multiple chemical sensitivity” (the “allergic to the modern world” “disease” that absolutely doesn’t exist), and decided that they had the condition. Haynes wasn’t trying to promote that flimflam; he was just making a film about it. But he inadvertently inspired thousands of people to think they had the “affliction.”

By blanketing the marketplace with antiwhite content, that alone will birth believers among the impressionable. We see that happening with teens (who are by definition feebleminded) and trannyism. The 24/7 pro-tranny noise in media and advertising, combined with an outright ban on opposing views, is “creating” trannies.

With educators, though (and they’re the primary drivers of CRT), there’s likely something more specific at play. Many of these people are of an age where they remember the campus protests of the 1960s and early ’70s, either as participants or (like me) as kids watching the events on TV and being told that they were the greatest things ever. And what we’re seeing is a desire on the part of people like that to relive (or live anew) those “glory days.”

They’ve imagined themselves back in time. Or rather, they’ve imagined the past into the present. It’s a historical phantom pregnancy, like the leftists who are convinced it’s still the 1950s, with the KKK lynching blacks, racist cops murdering blacks for no reason, and “freedom riders” braving the odds to register the disenfranchised darkies to vote.

And now nostalgic, leftist educators are in a virtual reality of their own wishful thinking in which massive student revolts are compelling them to step in and save the day with CRT. Campus buildings are being occupied! Brave protesters are conducting sit-ins and staring down National Guardsmen! All because the students demand CRT!

Except of course that’s not happening. The campus protests of the ’60s and ’70s for “black studies” and “Chicano studies” departments are not being replicated for CRT. That’s all in the white educators’ minds. Blacks are protesting, but not for CRT. Their walkouts have nothing to do with curricula at all. They protest cops, they protest Halloween costumes, they protest the free speech of white professors.

But the self-absorbed woke educators—narcissists who live in obscurity and fear dying in it—need to make it all about themselves. “These struggling students of color need me. I must lead them! CRT now, CRT forever! I’m a hero!” CRT is being pushed with the immediacy of a college dean looking to quell a campus uprising, but it’s all imaginary. The actual “demands” of malcontent campus blacks have nothing to do with lesson plans; they want segregated spaces, the dissolution of grades and standards, no on-campus security, no white freedom of speech, and gibs da reparations! And they don’t want whites “leading” them at all.

So in this case, you have antiwhiteness being pushed by white educators who’ve fabricated a crisis in order to heroically solve it. Insignificant humans imaging themselves standing at the crossroads of history, when in fact they’re mere hobos trudging its back roads.

Antiwhiteness can be attractive for a variety of reasons. It can be an outlet for broken people with a hateful grudge (like Mary Lemanski, for whom antiwhiteness is personal, a manifestation of an unhappy childhood), it can be therapy, it can be redemption, it can be a fad, and it can be a vessel for narcissists seeking to recapture glory days they probably never lived in the first place.

So take this as a companion piece to last week’s column, about how this problem won’t be solved geographically by retreating to red states.

It’s a plague, and there are lots of immunocompromised people out there.

And no matter where you live, it’s guaranteed you’ll have more than a few of ’em in your backyard.

Jon Gruden, an NFL head coach with a $100 million contract from the Las Vegas Raiders, was recently forced to resign after making what the Ebony Times called racist, homophobic, and misogynistic remarks in emails over the past twelve years. Shock horror, pro footballers making misogynistic remarks, why I never heard of such a thing, it’s definitely un-American. Call the midwife, or better yet, the fuzz.

Gruden won a Super Bowl with the Buccaneers in 2002 and then was a commentator for ESPN until hired by Oakland–Las Vegas. In other words, he’d been around forever, was highly respected, and knew the game and the people involved as well as anybody. Now he’s become a nobody overnight because the media and the football commissioner said so. Like in the Soviet of old, a nonperson is one found guilty by a kangaroo court, executed or disappeared by the regime, and never mentioned again. Over here, in the so-called freest country in the world, one does not even get a kangaroo court; he turns into a nonperson overnight once the Ebony Times and the media decide that he or she used the wrong words.

Gruden’s bad words—and I apologize to readers but they’re important to this story—were as follows: Where racism is concerned, he makes fun of a black football executive’s lips as being like tires. Where misogyny is concerned, he calls someone a pussy, and he uses the word “faggot” to describe the NFL’s commissioner (who happens to be straight).

“Gruden, whom I don’t know, will never coach again—unless Albania starts a league.”

Now, I like to think I’m not too racist, not too misogynistic, and not too homophobic, but having spent my life in locker rooms and in competitions, the offending words are more of a joke to me than insults. “Don’t be a pussy” is part of the language, for God’s sake, and in the sport of wrestling—in which I competed for years—a full nelson is called a faggot’s grip. And speaking of fat lips, I can’t think of any boy with a full mouth who wasn’t called liverlips in the all-white, all-boys boarding school I attended.

Mind you, if Her Serene Highness Princess Alexandra Schoenburg-Hartenstein, now plain Mrs. Taki, my wife, used Gruden’s language I might have raised an eyebrow, but in the world of professional sport where motherf—er is used nonstop as a greeting, noun and verb, the coach’s words were almost innocuous. The NFL being a franchise, I am told, can terminate someone if that someone brings the NFL into disrepute. In Gruden’s case, he resigned before being fired by the owner under pressure from the commissioner. The NFL stated that those emails were “wholly contrary to the NFL’s values.”

What I’d like you readers to know is about these particular values. They include selecting ex–Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis to sell NFL merchandise after Lewis pleaded to an obstruction-of-justice charge and reached a settlement with the families of two homicide victims stabbed to death after Lewis’ blood-soaked suit mysteriously disappeared. Furthermore, those NFL values may be contrary to the words used by Gruden, but not to those invited by the NFL to entertain during Super Bowls. N-wording, women-bashing, crotch-grabbing, gun-worshiping rappers abound. Compared with their lyrics, Gruden sounds like a real pussy. (Sorry.)

Commissioner Goodell is as phony as they come. He dares speak about values, but panders to Snoop Dogg—a rapper who has produced pornography with underage girls and praises gun violence—and many others worse than Snoop. But in comparison with Brittney Cooper, a tenured professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers University, Goodell is the one who’s a pussy. Cooper is a rather large black woman who recently went on record saying “white people should be taken out.” She has encouraged the murder of white people, yet she claims that she does not believe in violence. For a rapper to spout such nonsense would be too much; for a tenured professor in a large university to do so is more than outrageous, it is criminal. Yet nothing will come of it. Perhaps because she was so articulate when speaking: “The thing I want to say to you is we got to take these motherf—ers out, though I don’t believe in a project of violence. All things that begin with white folks ain’t gonna go on for infinity and infinity.”

Ah, she’s a poet who would make Keats hide in shame were he alive. And America has become a country that makes Uganda feel really democratic. Gruden, whom I don’t know, will never coach again—unless Albania starts a league. He is reportedly considering his options. Good luck. The NFL draft is now compared to a slave auction by failed quarterback Colin Kaepernick, with black athletes in shackles and their white owners whipping them. The analogy helps Kaepernick add to his millions as it is part of a drama series. In fact, “the louder the protest, the richer the protester” seems to be the winning formula for today’s America. Something must be done, and soon, before Netflix and Hollywood and the NFL and Silicon Valley take all of us whites down Swanee.

The Week’s Most Herky, Jerky, and Stuffed-With-Turkey Headlines

There’s an old vaudeville routine about a man who walks by a peddler. The peddler offers to sell him a vial of tonic:

Peddler: “Buy this and you’ll live longer!”
Man: “How?”
Peddler: “Trust me. Buy this and you’ll live longer.”
Man: “But you’re not explaining how.”
Peddler: “Just trust me. Buy this and you’ll live longer.”
Man: “No way, fella. Good day.”

The peddler shoots the man dead. He looks at the body and says, “Told ya.”

Covid mask mandates are by far the best version of that skit. For almost two years now, the world’s witnessed scenes from Canada, Australia, and Europe of police punishing people who dare to go outdoors unmasked (zero Covid risk) by tossing them in crowded jail cells (high Covid risk).

And now Oakland, California (a.k.a. “the nuke target that would make Kim Jong-un an American hero”), just topped every real-life version of the peddler skit.

Maurice Monk was a 45-year-old mentally ill black man. And he didn’t care for masks. Back in June, he refused to wear one on a city bus, so he was arrested.

The irony is, with Oakland’s liberal criminal justice policies, if he’d assaulted someone, he’d have been let go with a citation. But not wearing a mask? No mercy. He was held for several months in a mental institution, and finally transferred to a regular jail.

His family was prevented from getting him his meds…because enforcing mask mandates is all about keeping people healthy!

Last week he died alone in his cell.

The city claims it was “natural causes.” So at least it wasn’t Covid!

Proof positive that imprisoning people who don’t wear masks is a policy that totally works!

After hearing about how Oakland authorities killed a guy to keep him from dying of Covid, David Suzuki exclaimed, “Hold my saké.”

Suzuki is a Canadian “scientist” who specializes in claiming that Earth is about to end because people eat meat.

Suzuki’s grandparents left Japan before WWII when they were struck with an ominous premonition to flee their hometown of Hiroshima.

Your family guesses one thing right, and you think your every prediction is gold.

Which is why scientist Suzuki never second-guesses his apocalyptic visions. The problem is, Earth just ain’t blowing up quick enough for him. So last week, the hugely popular Nippanuck (in a CBC poll of “greatest Canadians of all time,” Suzuki came in fifth, right after Corey Hart and Chong) decided to warn the world that if it won’t explode on his timetable, he’ll damn well explode it himself.

Suzuki told the anarchist terrorists of Extinction Rebellion (that’s the org that tries to “save the earth” by blocking highways, causing massive traffic jams that pollute the air), “There are going to be pipelines blown up if our leaders don’t pay attention to what’s going on.”

Ironically, the green goblins had gathered on Vancouver Island because unlike the Third World it has the comforts that fossil fuels provide. More ironically, Suzuki’s threat is essentially “If our leaders don’t abandon earth-polluting petroleum, we’ll blow up pipelines, thus polluting the earth with petroleum.”

Canada’s best mind, ladies and gentlemen.

“Take Veterans Day off the calendar and make every day Tranny Remembrance Day!”

After being attacked by the few sane politicians left in England’s frigid afterbirth, Suzuki tried to backpedal, claiming that even though he said terrorism was the only recourse should “the leaders” not listen, he wasn’t actually advocating it. To which the head of Extinction Rebellion replied, “Nonsense—we’re totally advocating it!” The ecoterrorist released a statement promising that not only will pipelines be blown up, but world leaders and members of the press will be killed.

Good thing Canada only reserves its “hate speech” laws for people who criticize immigration!

Veterans Day? Who cares? All those guys did was put their lives on the line so that we may be free. The November day of solemn tribute that truly matters is November 20th, the “Transgender Day of Remembrance.” That’s the day when America pauses to remember the heroic sacrifices of the men who dress in women’s clothing and lop off their members so that they may be free (of their penises).

Joe Biden, who is somewhat “trans” himself (he’s transitioning from human to desiccated mummy before our eyes) took time from his busy schedule of not talking about the border, inflation, China, the supply chain, and opioids, to talk at length in honor of those brave trannies who died doing what they loved best: pretending to be women while performing fellatio in back alleys.

“Transgender people are some of the bravest Americans I know,” Biden declared (yes, he really said that). Trannies “deserve freedom, justice, and joy,” and Biden assured a roomful of men in dresses that he’ll continue to fight for their “equality and civil rights.”

Sadly, nobody in the room applauded, as half the attendees were giving fellatio under the tables, and the other half were yelling at a parrot for misgendering them (“Who’s a pretty boy? I’m a pretty ma’am! MA’AM!”).

Lost on the not-tightly-wrapped presidential mummy was that it’s actually the trannies who are taking away the “freedom, justice, joy, equality, and rights” of others, with comedians, medical professionals, politicians, and ordinary citizens being banned, censored, harassed, and fired for opposing tranny ideology.

Indeed, to celebrate “Tranny Remembrance Day,” a Fellini-esque nightmare named “Holly Stars,” who calls himself a “drag queen” yet is indistinguishable from a tranny (thus proving they’re exactly the same thing), “doxxed” author J.K. Rowling for the crime of believing that men in drag are not women. “Stars” stalked Rowling’s home and photographed her address for Twitter.

“Stars” eventually deleted the pic, not because what he did was wrong, but because he was receiving “transphobic hate messages.”

Because with trannies, it’s always about them. Not like those damn veterans and their unselfish sacrifices. Take Veterans Day off the calendar and make every day Tranny Remembrance Day!

And on the subject of those marginalized, defenseless transgenders who have no power except the ability to influence presidents, ban books, fire anyone they dislike, and change the entire English language…here’s yet another example of how “powerless” they are.

The British Phonographic Industry’s annual Brit Awards is going genderless! No more “best male” or “best female” singers.

Turns out a “nonbinary” guy complained. And because trannies are so disenfranchised, the entire British recording industry agreed to drop all gendered categories, just in case that nonbinary guy ever gets nominated for his band Herman’s Hermaphrodites and their hit single “I’m Henry the Eighth…and Henrietta the Ninth, Too.”

But will this fad of eliminating gender categories reach the U.S.? Well, it’s happening at the Grammys, but not the Academy Awards.

Guess why.

The “strong, independent” women of Hollywood don’t want to go head-to-head against men. Indeed, as trannies are pushing to de-gender the Oscars, women are pushing in the opposite direction, as they advocate splitting the Best Director category into “Best Male” and “Best Female” as a way of ensuring that every year a woman director brings home a trophy.

Filmmaker Alma Har’el, fresh off her new blockbuster Night of the Superfluous Apostrophes, told Variety, “Unless we have a new category for women directors—the same way we have [separate] actor and actress categories—we won’t see any changes.”

This puts the Academy’s men in a real Scylla of a Charybdis: obey the diseased cross-dressers yelling at them “Remove the gender categories or you’ll be canceled as a transphobe,” or listen to their harpy wives and bimbo girlfriends screeching at them “Make more gender categories or I’ll call you a misogynist #MeToo.”

In a predicament like that, working on an Alec Baldwin cowboy film would be the easy way out.

Allyn Walker, professor of sociology and criminal justice at Old Dominion University, is a man on a mission: Child molesters deserve dignity, and the best way to give them the respect they so richly merit is to replace terms like “child molester” and “sex offender” with “minor-attracted person.”

Because after all, when it’s a contest between a child rapist and a child who’s been raped, who’s the real victim?

The vile Walker, a self-described “transgender” (wotta shock!), has stepped down from his teaching position due to the controversy surrounding his views. Of course, being a tranny, he’s not blaming his views, but rather campus “transphobes.”

Word is he’s headed to England to win a Brit Award with his song “(Kinder)Garden of Earthly Delights.”

Yet even as Walker was resigning, some frontal-lobe-deficients in Denver were saying to themselves, “I like the way that guy thinks.” The Colorado Department of Public Safety’s Sex Offender Management Board, which is apparently managed by sex offenders, voted last week to stop using the term “sex offender,” because it harms the “self-esteem” of sex offenders (no child should ever be molested by someone with low self-esteem).

These oxygen-deprived dullards told CBS News that raising the self-esteem of child rapists will “reduce recidivism,” proving that literally anyone in the city of Denver is better-suited to managing sex offenders than the members of the Sex Offender Management Board.

Not that they’re the state’s only high-caliber morons. Legislators are debating changing the terms “sexually violent predator,” “defendant,” “convict,” and “felon” to “justice-involved people.”

They might as well be called that, because while it’s hard to tell exactly what the people in charge of administering the law in Colorado are involved in, it certainly ain’t “justice.”

NEW YORK—Will the American media ever face a reckoning for its fake Russia collusion and anti-Trump hysteria that lasted close to four years and was the main weapon of the lefty media against the Donald? Yes, if you believe in Santa Claus, as in Claus von Bulow, but otherwise not on your life. The left lies nonstop and when it gets caught it lies some more. Do not expect the Bagel Times to ever apologize or even correct its lies. But more about the media’s lies later.

Last week in the Bagel I had dinner with Michael Wolff, whose Too Famous collection has just hit the bookshops. Unfortunately, at the table next to us two females with horrendously high-pitched, annoying voices made it impossible to hear ourselves, but this is Noo Yawk, and our neighbors sure were Noo Yawkers. I had read Michael’s piece about The Sextator, as wannabes once upon a time used to call The Spectator, but had not seen the one about “President Jared.” Boy, what a creep-survivor the Donald’s son-in-law turns out to be. According to Michael, Kushner emerges as a person with totally false values, looking out solely for No. 1, the national interest be damned. Kushner I first heard of when he bought a Bagel paper called The Observer, one that gave him a personal platform for his social climb, although it was an expensive one at 11 million big ones, as Wolff wrote, “11 million more than it was worth.” I had known his wife-to-be Ivanka when she and my son were friends as children. She had good manners and was a polite little girl. She then married Kushner and…ugh!

“What’s the use of being in the White House if one can’t do a little business on the side?”

Kushner showed early on his preternatural gift for placing himself alongside people with power. He may have been unprepossessing and an obvious climber, but he managed to marginalize a three-star Marine general like John Kelly and my old buddy Steve Bannon. Chiefs of staff who followed Kelly were also put on notice: Play ball with Jared Kushner or you’re out. Not bad for a callow social climber whose greatest achievement until then had been to plunge his family’s fortune into looming bankruptcy by way overpaying for a literally white elephant at 666 Fifth Avenue. (He got out of trouble once in the White House by making a deal with a Gulf-states-backed, Toronto-based company.) What’s the use of being in the White House if one can’t do a little business on the side?

The one I liked the best is when someone asked Kushner what his choices would be for advisers in the incoming Trump administration. “Billionaires,” was the single-word answer. Mind you, the billionaires I happen to know I, too, would go to for advice. I’ve listed some of them in previous columns so I will spare them this time. But there are billionaires and there are billionaires, and I suspect those I would ask advise from are different from those Jared would, but I have to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.

The Saudis, the UAE, and the Qataris all sought out Kushner. Thus the Kushner family’s business interests were secured as far as future contacts were concerned. What appalls me is the lack of grandeur exhibited once inside the White House. One would think that having been swept to power on the coattails of the Donald, Kushner would do everything he could in improving the good old US of A. Not in the slightest. Like a small-time hustler he sought future contacts for his miserable real estate business. Jared should read up on history. People like Metternich, Talleyrand, Castlereagh, Curzon, Cabot Lodge, Marshall, and Dulles all worked their you-know-whats off not for those who appointed them, or in order to enhance their reputation, but for the common good. Kissing Saudi arse does not benefit Peoria, or anyone else, for that matter.

But I digress. Perhaps I’m being too hard on the Donald’s son-in-law. I am basing my opinions on having read Michael Wolff’s opus. Two nights after finishing it, I went upstairs in my building for dinner chez Louise Grunwald, the widow of Henry Grunwald, Time’s editor-in-chief when the weekly counted and was still conservative. (Now it’s a lefty joke.) Henry was also U.S. ambassador to Austria. At dinner I was seated next to Susan Hess, wife of John Hess, as in Hess Oil. She and her husband are friendly, attractive, and nice as hell. They are not exactly starving. Susan Hess had only nice things to say about Jared and Ivanka, and she did not give me the impression that she gets things wrong.

So, whom to believe? At the end of the day, as bores often say, it doesn’t really make a difference, does it? What does make a difference is the totally dishonest American media that has somehow failed to mention the fact that the Russian collusion brouhaha that made headlines for three of the four Trump years was all a fake, the most egregious journalistic error in history. The media frenzy over a totally made-up scandal in order to sink Trump makes anything that Jared did or did not do a mere bagatelle. Voilà, mes amis.

Belarusian autocrat Alexander Lukashenko has cleared out the encampment at his border crossing into Poland, where thousands of Middle Eastern migrants had been living in squalor.

Last week, that border crossing was the site of clashes between asylum-seekers trying to push through the razor wire and Polish troops resisting with water cannons.

While the crisis between Warsaw and Minsk has not ended, it appears to have been temporarily eased.

“Let the nations of Eastern Europe solve their problems without the constant intervention of the United States.”

Behind the clash was the recent election in Belarus that the European Union saw as fraudulent and Lukashenko’s interception of a commercial airliner to kidnap and imprison a critical journalist.

Lukashenko brought in the migrants from the Mideast and moved them to the border, forcing the Poles to deploy security forces to block their entry. Lukashenko’s actions were in retaliation for Poland’s support of the sanctions the EU had imposed on Belarus.

So it was that, last week, a NATO ally, Poland, had a confrontation with a close ally of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, which could have resulted in a shooting war that could have drawn in Russia and the United States.

While Belarus, perhaps at Putin’s insistence, has pulled the migrants back from the border and eased this crisis, the same cannot be said of the crisis developing around Ukraine.

For days now, U.S. officials have been warning that the 100,000 Russian troops stationed near the borders of Ukraine may be preparing for an invasion.

As Ukraine is not a NATO ally, the U.S. is under no obligation to come to Kyiv’s defense. But any Russian invasion to expand the share of Ukraine it now controls could produce a crisis more serious than Putin’s annexation of Crimea or support for the separatists in the Donbas.

For Putin, the situation in the Black Sea, where U.S. warships and warplanes lead NATO vessels on regular visitations, must truly stick in the craw.

When Putin was a KGB officer in the last days of the Soviet Empire, Romania and Bulgaria on the Black Sea were Warsaw Pact allies. Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia on the Black Sea were, like Russia itself, Soviet republics of the USSR. NATO Turkey alone excepted, the Black Sea was a Soviet lake.

And today? Romania and Bulgaria are NATO allies of the United States. Ukraine and Georgia, having broken free of the USSR at the end of the Cold War, are independent nations that look to Europe, not Moscow.

The goal of both is to become NATO allies under the protection of the U.S. and its nuclear umbrella.

Another consideration: Ukraine and Russia have historic ties — religious, ethnic, cultural — that go back 1,000 years.

What Putin sees in Russia’s loss of Ukraine and Kyiv’s alignment with the U.S. and the West was what Americans of Abraham Lincoln’s generation saw when France exploited our preoccupation with the Civil War to turn Mexico into a subject nation of the French Empire.


Every nation involved in the migrant crisis on the Polish border and the gathering crisis around Ukraine was either a Soviet republic or a Warsaw Pact member during the Cold War, when Putin was a KGB officer.

All four nations — Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus — were, not so long ago, vital interests of Moscow. And none had ever been a vital interest of the distant United States. And no U.S. Cold War president ever thought so.

Dwight Eisenhower did not intervene to save the Hungarian Revolution when it was crushed by Soviet tanks. John F. Kennedy did not tear down the Berlin Wall as it was going up. Lyndon B. Johnson did not intervene to stop Warsaw Pact armies from invading Czechoslovakia to crush the Prague Spring.

And Ronald Reagan did not put the Polish Communist regime in default on its huge unpaid debt when it crushed Solidarity.

Who rules in Minsk has never been a vital interest of the United States. Nor has the location of the Russia-Ukraine border or the political orientation of the regime that rules in Kyiv.

Avoiding a war with Russia that could go nuclear, however, has always been a vital strategic interest, especially since Moscow acquired nuclear weapons. Every American president has known that.

And avoidance of war with the United States has been a guiding principle of Russian foreign policy from Stalin to Putin.

No political dispute in the east of Europe alters these realities.

A NATO alliance built around Article V — the declaration that a Russian attack on any one of 30 nations will be regarded as an attack on the United States and answered by military action by the United States — is an anachronistic pledge that belongs to a dead era.

After all, the only war that NATO, “the most successful alliance in history,” ever fought, Afghanistan, it lost and left after 20 years.

Let the nations of Eastern Europe solve their problems without the constant intervention of the United States.

Given the disastrous record of the neocon wars of the 21st century, the U.S., facing every new crisis, ought to ask itself before acting:

Why is this quarrel any of our business?

Why such a sourpuss, Joy-Ann? On the whole, life and MSNBC are treating you pretty well. And yet, over the last 10 years, you have complained pretty much nonstop about how badly you, and “people who look like [you],” are treated in America.

I will take on faith, Joy-Ann, that your life up to age 16 — spent in the racist hellscape that was 1980s Denver, Colorado — was practically a maelstrom of cross burnings, Night Riders and segregated water fountains.

Let’s focus on the recent past.


You were admitted to Harvard with SAT scores that would have gotten an Asian kid disowned by his parents.

You manage to keep your show at MSNBC with ratings that would get a white person canceled.

People try harder to laugh at your excruciating jokes than they would for a male of any race.

Plus, I have it on good authority that no one at MSNBC has pestered you about touching your hair.

Your brief daytime show on MSNBC made ratings history, garnering only 38,000 viewers in the demo its first day on air — the lowest for the entire network! That inched up to 56,000 viewers two days later, the second lowest for the network. Ronan Farrow’s show debuted the same week. But while he was quickly cashiered for poor ratings — you were promoted, even though he is white and you are black. Dodged a bullet there!

You weren’t prosecuted for making a false FBI report when you claimed that right-wing saboteurs had hacked your blog, planting long, venomous threads about gay people. It seems your go-to attack for celebrities and Republicans is to accuse them of being gay. (For example, you described Dick Cheney “topping off” Sean Hannity — gay slang for oral sex — and repeatedly ran your “Top 5 ‘totally not gay celebrities of the year.'”)

Nor were you fired for your preposterous, and quickly disproved, lies about having been hacked when it was you who mocked people for being gay — including Oprah.

Your many, many blog posts sneering at gays were written just 10 years earlier, when you were an adult and a professional journalist. Meanwhile, teenagers — even white ones! — are being thrown out of college for the stupid things they said on Snapchat when they were 15. But you came through like a champ, without consequence — despite being black!

Indeed, instead of firing you, MSNBC gave you a prime-time show. This is the network that canned Chris Matthews (astonishingly, another white male) for telling girls they’re pretty. And who took the humiliated Matthews’ time slot? YOU DID! Despite the fact that he is white and you are black.

Actually, if you think about it, in a deeply racist, majority-white country, you’ve done pretty well issuing nonstop libels against white people. Here are three recent quotes:

Joy-Ann: “I’ll say it again: People on the right would trade all the tax cuts for the ability to openly say the N-word like in ‘the good old days.'”

That comment, like many made by you, seems at variance with the facts, and not based in reality. But has your delusional hatred of white Americans held you back? Not so’s you’d notice.

Joy-Ann: “Currently, most K-12 students already learn a kind of Confederate Race Theory, whereby the Daughters of the Confederacy long ago imposed a version of history wherein slavery was not so bad and had nothing to do with the civil war, and lynchings and violence never happened.”

“You were admitted to Harvard with SAT scores that would have gotten an Asian kid disowned by his parents.”

Were you taught “Confederate Race Theory” at your high school, Joy-Ann? You know, the high school in Denver, Colorado, in the 1980s? My heart wants to believe you, but my head is telling me, “This woman is a lunatic fantasist.”

I’ll tell you why I say that. Just 10 years after you matriculated at Denver’s diverse Montbello High School, a Nation of Islam minister was invited to speak, whereupon he told the assembly (all boys, no girls allowed) that, while blacks were building the Egyptian pyramids, white people “ate their dead” and “slept with animals.” Even you have to admit, THAT wasn’t racist.

Joy-Ann: “[I love boxing because] it’s a sport, even at the turn of the 20th century, where a black man could beat up a white man in front of an entire crowd and not get lynched.”

Wow. People who are actually descended from American slaves — Joy-Ann is not one of them — don’t hate white Americans that much. Yet, strangely, white Americans, despite being white, haven’t held that against you.

Your immigrant parents came here in the late 1960s, settling in Iowa. Perhaps you rank Iowa up there with Denver as a bastion of Jim Crow, but even you would have to concede it was a step up from Guyana and the Congo.

While having zero American slave ancestry, you have managed to elbow aside actual descendants of American slaves (DOAS), gobbling up the benefits earned by their ancestors’ suffering, and intended for them. That was a good deal for you!

Finally, notwithstanding the White Power Structure, you have a job that reportedly pays $1.5 million a year, which is more than 99.9% of Americans make — even several white ones! All in all, that doesn’t sound so bad.

This past week’s events in Wisconsin’s Kenosha and Waukesha offer useful perspectives on a recent clash between pundits Andrew Sullivan and Jonathan V. Last of The Bulwark over the accuracy of the news media. Sullivan argues that the press makes numerous errors, while Last suggests that they get almost all matters of fact correct.

On his Substack newsletter, Sullivan complained:

But when the sources of news keep getting things wrong, and all the errors lie in the exact same direction, and they are reluctant to acknowledge error, we have a problem. If you look back at the last few years, the record of errors, small and large, about major stories, is hard to deny.

Indeed, the amount of Sailerbait with which the news media humiliates itself has definitely grown during the Great Awokening. But it’s also easy to exaggerate the relative number of factual errors compared to the thousands of details printed daily by newspapers.

Instead, the larger problem is the worldviews inculcated by the press, which in turn lead to mistakes. For instance, millions of loyal readers were shocked by the jury’s courageous acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse because they had come to believe in the antiwhite male mythos peddled by the press. Therefore, the actual facts of the case couldn’t stick to their brains because they’d been indoctrinated that armed white men are The Problem.

“The amount of Sailerbait with which the news media humiliates itself has definitely grown during the Great Awokening.”

Last, the author of the prescient What to Expect When No One’s Expecting: America’s Coming Demographic Disaster, replies to Sullivan:

What and/or who is “the mainstream media”? Is it the New York Times and the Washington Post? The AP? NBC News and CNN? Ryan Lizza’s Twitter feed? The Los Angeles Times? BuzzFeed? Axios? NPR?… The point is that the MSM universe is so large that you’re always going to be able to cherry-pick examples to support the notion that “they” are feeding “us” false narratives.

That’s true to some extent, which is why my media criticism centers on The New York Times, the traditional lead dog in the media pack. Generally, almost all respectable outlets follow the NYT’s guidance as to what’s fit to print and what’s not.

I also pay heightened attention to The Washington Post, the Associated Press, CNN, NPR, and the broadcast network news.

I’d add that we should keep in mind the distinction that publications themselves make between news versus opinion. I try to make clear how the source has labeled the text I’m quoting, so as not to mislead about how bigoted the publication is when speaking in its news voice.

For example, CNN has drawn some attention for its “Analysis” (i.e., in between news and opinion) about how terrifying you are:

There’s nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man
Analysis by John Blake, CNN
Updated 8:14 AM ET, Sat November 20, 2021

So, CNN doesn’t exactly call this “news.” On the other hand, Blake is a veteran CNN writer and producer, not some outsider tossing an op-ed in over the transom.

More important, fake narratives are slightly different from plain fake news. Fake narratives don’t lie outright. Instead, they mislead readers into biases that make it hard for them to develop an awareness of the truth.

For instance, a number of media figures sent out tweets last week to the effect that Kyle Rittenhouse had crossed a state line with an automatic weapon to a city he had no connection with and gunned down three black peaceful protesters.

I doubt that they were knowingly trying to convince their readers that Rosenbaum, Huber, and Grosskreutz were African-Americans. Instead, they couldn’t remember the facts because they were inconvenient for the Narrative. They had absorbed from their colleagues’ articles a worldview in which, of course, all that stuff virtually had to be true, so why would they need to fact-check the way they remember the story? That they got so much embarrassingly wrong would imply that their picture of the world is based on low-brow hate and fallacies, and that can’t possibly be: They’re media professionals!

Still, the great majority of the countless details printed in The New York Times every day are reasonably accurate. For example, consider the top news story on the homepage as I write:

Man Accused of Killing 5 at Wisconsin Parade Had Lengthy Police Record
By Mitch Smith, Dan Simmons, Glenn Thrush and Serge F. Kovaleski
Nov. 22, 2021

I don’t notice any obvious misstatements of fact in this capacious article.

On the other hand, at no point in the article do the four New York Times reporters mention that the Waukesha suspect is black, which you might think is relevant. Nor do any of the four photos accompanying the article online convey that information.

This is not to say that the journalists go out of their way to cover up the race of the driver. If you read carefully all the way through to the seventeenth paragraph, you might figure out he’s a stereotypical black criminal:

In rap tracks he posted to a SoundCloud profile, he described himself as growing up in a dangerous Milwaukee neighborhood and having trouble with the legal system. In one video he posted online, he appeared to rap alongside a maroon Ford Escape.

But if you’ve been lectured over and over that stereotypes are false, how do you make sense of the discomfiting facts that reporters often plant deep in their articles?

Mostly, you don’t. Readers pick up the general story line of who are the good guys and who are the bad guys and don’t worry about discordant information. The Waukesha killer is obviously a bad guy, whereas blacks are the good guys, so why do you want to know his race, huh?

In contrast, here is the equivalent article in the NYT on 8/26/20 that makes sure you know that the Kenosha shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse, is white:

Justice Dept. to Open Investigation Into Kenosha Shooting
By Julie Bosman and Sarah Mervosh
Published Aug. 26, 2020 Updated Nov. 16, 2021

KENOSHA, Wis.—The Justice Department on Wednesday announced a civil rights investigation into the police shooting of a Black man in Kenosha, Wis., as new details emerged in the case, a white teenager who confronted demonstrators was arrested in connection with two deaths, and protests spread to athletes in three pro sports leagues. Protesters have poured into Kenosha’s streets to decry the shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black father who was partially paralyzed after a white officer fired at him in front of his children… The authorities were investigating whether the white teenager who was arrested on Wednesday, identified as Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, was part of a vigilante group.

I repeat, the shooter was a white teenager.

Yet, the article never mentioned that the three attackers Rittenhouse shot were also white. From the tendentious selection of the details to report and to ignore, it’s hardly surprising that many readers thought that Rittenhouse had gunned down blacks.

Sullivan goes on:

The MSM took the ludicrous story of Jussie Smollett seriously because it fit their nutty “white supremacy” narrative. They told us that a woman was brutally gang-raped at UVA (invented), that the Pulse mass shooting was driven by homophobia (untrue) and that the Atlanta spa shooter was motivated by anti-Asian bias (no known evidence for that at all). For good measure, they followed up with story after story about white supremacists targeting Asian-Americans, in a new wave of “hate,” even as the assaults were disproportionately by African Americans and the mentally ill.

To which Last replies:

Jussie Smollett was not an “MSM narrative.” It was a crime-blotter case that the media reported, and then continued reporting on, even as the subsequent reporting took Smollett’s story apart.

In reality, the first thing to notice is that Jussie’s absurd concoction seemed plausible to many true believers in the MSM, such as the five Democratic presidential candidates who tweeted out credulous statements of support for Jussie: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders.

Why? Because the press had long been hyperventilating about the white supremacist MAGA lynch mob menace. In contrast, the existence of an epidemic of hate hoaxes was never discussed. So what else could Jussie’s heavily splashed news story represent other than the fulfillment of the prophecies?

Second, the CBS News article that Last extols as “carefully worded reporting that conspicuously avoids any conclusions” credulously fails to raise red flags about Jussie’s story, such as the polar vortex weather or that Chicago isn’t exactly “MAGA country.”

And the New York Times article that Last cites as “highly skeptical” came sixteen days later.

Not all the media performed as dismally. Three Chicago crime beat reporters, Charlie De Mar, Rafer Weigel, and Rob Elgas, enthusiastically relayed the cops’ doubts about the politically connected Jussie’s whale of a tale. (If there is hope, it lies with the if-it-bleeds-it-leads local TV news.) But the national news remained clueless for days.

Last goes on:

Remember: It wasn’t a faceless blob called “the media” that published the UVA story. It was Rolling Stone. And it was a collection of reporters at various “mainstream media outlets” who took the Rolling Stone story apart.

In truth, Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s write-up of coed Jackie Coakley’s sex fantasy about a fraternity initiation ritual gang rape on broken glass was published to hosannas from other journalists on Nov. 19, 2014. The first skeptical take was financial editor Richard Bradley’s on his personal blog five days later. I added the decisive comment on 11/27/14:

Pitch darkness _and_ broken glass on the floor. The glass table is smashed, but nobody turns on the light to see what happened or where the broken glass is? Instead, each man, having heard the glass table get smashed, still gets down on the floor covered with shards of broken glass, risking not only his hands and knees, but also pulling out an even more personal part of his anatomy, one that he only has one of.


After I posted Bradley’s doubts on my blog on 11/29, the floodgates opened.

But The New York Times managed to persuade most of its subscribers that, while mistakes were made, all in all this was a boring story about technical failures to follow appropriate journalist procedures and standard methodologies, not to mention that you’re getting sleepy, very sleepy.

My commenter Space Ghost points out that rather than engage in yellow journalism, the Old Gray Lady practices gray journalism that reassures its audience that hilariously embarrassing events like this are too tedious to remember.

My synthesis of the Sullivan-Last dispute is that while the press only occasionally prints outright factual falsehoods, the bigger problem is that it still manages to inculcate fallacious worldviews in millions by what it treats as news and how it spins it.

For example, the fact that blacks do worse than whites on test scores in a particular school district is often spun as a shocking exposé about which Something Must Be Done, usually involving spending even more money on Diversity-Inclusion-Equity consultants.

On the other hand, the fact that blacks do worse than whites in every single school district in America, which might suggest that the particular school district being blamed for its race gap is not necessarily all that guilty of discrimination, is decidedly Not News.

And when the media do print details that subvert the Narrative, they tend to shove them down into the latter reaches of the article, long after most have stopped reading. For instance, The Washington Post just ran an article about how Facebook’s formerly color-blind policies about banning hate speech were racist because they treated hate speech against whites the same as hate speech against blacks. Finally, the 22nd paragraph gets around to the most interesting fact the reporters uncovered:

One April 2020 document said roughly 90 percent of “hate speech” subject to content takedowns were statements of contempt, inferiority and disgust directed at White people and men…

But The Washington Post doesn’t see that as big news because, of course, unlike “the vulnerable,” white people and men deserve hate. And that’s how you know they are invulnerable: because The Washington Post defames them.

Deadlines are an unforgiving mistress. Every now and then I’ll see something right after my column posts that makes me regret not having been able to include it.

For example, last month, in my piece about the manufactured controversy in Texas regarding “teaching both sides of the Holocaust,” I predicted that the dumbest on the right would take the bait and be like, “Yes, we should teach both sides of the Holocaust in public schools!”

And wouldn’t you know it? The very day my column posted, the always reliable Unz Review (“reliable” as in you can always rely on it to go full retard) ran a screed by some mouthbreather titled “Why Not Question ‘the Holocaust’ in Schools?”

“Leftists want the entire country; there’s no town too unimportant to merit their concern.”

Because yes, America’s math- and reading-challenged kids desperately need to learn all about an obscure controversy regarding a Polish building constructed by Germans in 1943. Yep, that’ll totally help us compete with the Chinese!

Must some of you be so predictable?

So two weeks ago, I went on a rant about what I call the “smug fatalism” of rightists whose attitude is essentially to cede the nation, to write off blue America as inevitable (and therefore pointless to oppose), and to retreat to safe towns from which they can whittle away the days freed of the burden of having to work hard enough or be smart enough to counter the left.

I caricatured such people’s views as, “Them blue cities is goin’ ta hell; let ’em! They voted fer it, let ’em suffer. This is what ya git in blue states! Fuck ’em, let ’em rot!”

And whaddya know, just two days later, John Nolte of Breitbart tweeted:

I don’t give a FUCK if Democrat-run cities burn. I live in MAGA country where it’s clean, safe, tolerant, and people of all races live together in harmony. Shithole cities are not my problem. Rage on, morons. You get what you vote for.

It’s literally like he was parodying my parody, but in fact he was dead serious.

So I’m gonna take another pass at explaining the flaws with “conservative cocooning.”

To start with, let’s say you’re safe where you are. Nolte lives in Boone, N.C. (I’m not doxxing him; it’s on his Twitter profile). Population 19,000; 94% white.

Now, let’s say he (God forbid) falls ill with some rare ailment. He’ll have to travel; maybe to the Mayo Clinic. And when Agualtitectl the indigenous Honduran transgender affirmative-action “dreamer” orderly hooks up his IV to a can of motor oil because he can’t read English, Nolte ain’t gonna be safe no more.

Or what about when Nolte gets an invitation to be keynote speaker at the American Douchebag Convention in Boulder. He’ll likely decide to fly there.

Mid-flight: “This be Shaniquita, yo’ diversity an’ inclusion pilot. I don’t be knowin’ what dis button do, but I gon’ press it anyways cuz YOLO!”

R.I.P. Nolte and the passengers of flight 704 to Boulder.

You may be safe where you are, but you can’t live like a Covid lockdown recluse for the rest of your life.

But that’s beside the point because…you ain’t safe where you are.

There’s an old saying I just coined: “You cannot Randy Weaver if those in power don’t want you to Randy Weaver.” You know who learned that the hard way? Randy Weaver. Leftists want the entire country; there’s no town too unimportant to merit their concern. This is the domino principle but, like, for real this time. We fight them over here so we don’t have to fight them even more over here.

Now, if fighting “them” simply meant fighting people (like looters, Antifas, or even a presidential administration), then retreating to Mayberry could be a plan. But rightists often tout their Christianity, so they should understand the meaning of Ephesians 6:12. The fight’s not always against “flesh and blood,” but spiritual darkness, which can be interpreted secularly as pathologies like the jihad mentality that spread like wildfire throughout the Muslim world over the past four decades, and antiwhite wokeism, which is spreading throughout America now.

You can build a wall to keep out humans, but no wall can keep out an idea. The woke brain disease can hit anyone, anywhere. Young people, and white women, are very susceptible to it. So your 94% white town is not safe.

Nolte reminds me of a burly crew-cut dad in 1968 saying, “No way MAH daughter’s gonna run off with some longhair an’ join a hippie commune in San Francisco! Nuh-uh, not MAH little girl.”

[Sees hippie van drive away with his daughter giving him the finger from the window]

Git back here, ya fuckin’ bitch!

When a pathology is spreading among young people, and especially among young women (as P.J. O’Rourke has noted, lots of dudes joined the hippie scene purely because it’s where the chicks were), neither a good Christian upbringing nor the occasional strap to the ass can 100% guarantee that your little angel won’t become infected.

If you examine the minutes and internal documents of the school boards that have tried to ram CRT down the throats of children, you find that nobody was forcing the board members to do it. The (predominantly white) cat ladies on those boards were not being pressured. There were no Antifa or BLM threats, no arm-twisting. Antifa wouldn’t know a school board from a skateboard.

Those board members acted on their own; they initiated those policies on their own. A pathology infected them; it caught fire in their minds. Wokeism is a fad that appeals to two key groups: blacks who are bitter failures at life, and whites who are economically secure but whose daily endeavors lack meaning (predominantly whites who were conditioned for wokeism in college and who reject the idea that raising a family is the highest human aspiration. Wokeism tells them, “This will give your life significance”).

Because of the nature of the pathology, majority-white areas are not even remotely immune.

I’ll point out that it was majority-white Hardeeville in deep-red South Carolina where a jury recently acquitted a black cold-blooded murderer in the carjacking/killing of a retired white fire chief, because the black guy’s defense was “all I wanted wuz his car. When he resisted, he skeered me, so I had to shoot him.”

The jury bought that line 100%.

Yet it was in deep-BLUE Richmond, Va., where that exact defense was rejected in a separate black-defendant murder trial (which I wrote about a few years ago).

It was in majority-white Oklahoma City (which went for Trump in 2016 and 2020) where a jury just acquitted a black man whose vicious dogs mauled to death an 82-year-old white woman, even though the black guy was aware that his dogs were deadly, and even though he laughed off the concerns of his white neighbors.

Oh, and it was Oklahoma’s “red” governor Stitt who freed a black cannibal-killer in the name of “racial justice.” Mr. “yum yum eat ’em up” proceeded to slaughter his white neighbor and devour her heart. And just a few days ago, Stitt commuted the sentence of yet another black murderer whose victim was white.

And it’s in yeehaw Texas where the Department of Health and Human Services is apparently denying life-saving medical treatment to whites.

“Region” means nothing when there’s a brain disease going around.

Not to put too fine a point on a pinhead, but in Nolte’s beloved Boone, Appalachian State University (Latin motto: Rapere Asinum Ned Beattum) is totally woke. Last year, the “Black at App State Collective” (a septic menagerie of black students and white “allies”) led a 250-person walkout while touting “a list of demands in regards to the oppression and trauma Black, Indigenous students and people of color have faced on campus.” When the white female chancellor didn’t immediately bow to the demands, the group called for her head. A separate org, the Boone Anti-Racism Contingent (“privileged whites” who “humble ourselves” and “amplify the marginalized and oppressed” in order to “take responsibility for deconstructing and dismantling systemic racism that weighs on our community”), demanded the chancellor’s removal.

Two days later, the faculty gave the chancellor a no-confidence vote.

The chancellor issued a groveling statement about how “Black Lives Matter, and we are listening” because in the name of “inclusion and equity” we must “reinvent policing” to counter the “police violence and systemic racism” that accounts for “the success of our white students.”

And now the school’s imported a slew of “diversity heads” to remake the campus.

Woke pathology is not sickle cell or Tay-Sachs. It can infect anyone. Those who think the disease is confined to one group, one city, or one region are imbeciles whose smug complacency is exactly what ensures that wherever they live will eventually not be safe.

You don’t have to like L.A. or California. But there might just be a few things you could learn from us. Like how we successfully assembled a coalition of whites and Hispanics last year to defeat an attempt to overturn our state’s ban on affirmative action.

North Carolina has no such ban, and attempts to institute one have failed dismally.

That same California white (male)/Hispanic (male) coalition defeated a statewide George Soros attempt to eliminate cash bail (“bail reform,” as Soros calls it; “revolving door arrest/release,” as reality calls it). At the same time, North Carolina is instituting Soros bail “reforms” all across the state.

“Red” shouldn’t be so smug.

My point is simply that self-indulgent “Kermit sipping tea” smarminess has never helped anyone or anything. Nolte’s tweeted a thousand times against Soros—“Ooooooh, that Nazi bastard!”—but he never once tweeted in support of L.A.’s attempt to recall Soros minion George Gascon.

Well, that’s a fine strategy! Ascertain (correctly) that a guy is a danger to the nation, and then, when a bunch of people actually try to fight him, to weaken him, to forge a template for recalling his gauleiters, you look at a map and say, “That’s not my problem.”

Sheer genius. And for the record, the entire Breitbart site, and the Nashvillian Daily Wire crew, refused to help in the Gascon recall. A bunch of Randy Weavers who’ll happily send their sons out to search fer possum meat because there’s no way no feds might be hidin’ in them bushes. Not up here…not on the mountain, where we’re safe.

Smug fatalism blinds you, and if you’re in a red area, you cannot afford blindness right now. In the Deep South especially, you’re dealing with two distinct demographic changes: the influx of blacks fleeing California, and Biden’s open-border policy that’s trucking in immigrants who won’t end up in L.A. (you know what the average East L.A. Hispanic would do if a Haitian tried to move into his neighborhood? Let’s just say it wouldn’t involve sweet tea and biscuits).

You may think that blue America’s dye is permanent.

Perhaps it is. But red America’s ain’t. Keep that in mind before you get too comfortable.

The Week’s Most Jittery, Glittery, and Skittery Headlines

“The eyes are the window to the soul.” No two people agree on where that phrase originated. Some say the Bible, others say the ancient Greeks, while others say the “where’s the beef” lady. Some even point to Shakespeare, who in his Sonnet No.1 (not to be confused with his Mambo No. 5) wrote:

But thou contracted to thine own bright eyes,
Feed’st thy light’s flame with self-substantial fuel.

Sadly, the next verse is:

Within thine own bud buriest thy content
And, tender churl, makest waste in niggarding.

This unfortunate choice of words got Shakespeare canceled. He lost his Forever 1621 neck ruff endorsement deal, and the Old Vic banned him for racial insensitivity (oh, wait—that was Terry Gilliam).

But wherever the “eyes are the window to the soul” phrase originated, the simple wisdom of it is taken these days as a basic truism. Except at PBS, where eyes are nothing more than $1 plastic novelty items glued to a piece of felt in exchange for $465 million in taxpayer money.

Last week, Sesame Street debuted it’s first-ever “Asian Muppet.” Though lauded in the press, “Ji-Young the Korean Muppet” has drawn flak for the fact that “her” eyes are as round as those of every other Muppet. This wouldn’t be a big deal had Sesame Street not produced a special back in July aimed at making Asian kids proud of their “unique eyes.”

“Be proud of those slanty peepers, Asian kids. But don’t expect to see them on a Muppet because, well, they look kinda sneaky.”

Nearly half a billion tax bucks to produce a show that tells Asian kids “be proud of your eyes,” only to then create an “Asian” Muppet with eyes like Betty Boop.

Money well spent.

Regular readers will remember the story of the brunching “Texans” who beat the living snot out of an Asian hostess at an NYC eatery in September after being asked for proof of vaccination. At first, blue Twitter erupted in an outrage-fest of fury: “Those damn MAGA Texans! Anti-vax WHITE SUPREEEMACISTS!”

And then security camera footage revealed that the “Texans” were actually a gaggle of weave-wearing booty-shaking black ghetto-girls.

As just like that, the “violent anti-vax Texans” story vanished faster than a speeding Alec Baldwin bullet.

And now the yellow cornrows of Texas have popped up once again. And, once again, Twitter pounced a bit too soon.

Last week, a Southwest attendant on a Dallas–to–New York flight was assaulted by an unruly female passenger.

An unruly Texan? Must be them dern MAGAs!

Leftist activist “View From The Watchtower” tweeted “Radicalized republicans use Southwest Airlines because Southwest chooses to allow pilots to make right wing jokes on the intercom and not get vaccinated.”

When the Daily Beast tweeted the story, responses included:

“Disgusting. We know who she voted for and what this was about for sure. Horrible horrible f’ing people.”

“Unruly passenger? You mean MAGA Psycho Bitch.”

“These MAGA buffoons are a danger to all.”

“Almost surely a maga chud. They think they have permission to attack anyone who they think is trying to ‘control’ them and they’re not going to stop anytime soon.”

And then the passenger’s photo was released: 32-year-old Arielle Jean Jackson, a most non-MAGA black woman.

Her reason for assaulting the flight attendant isn’t known, but it likely had something to do with Emmett Till and slavery.

With the publication of the photo, the story stopped trending on Twitter.



If you thought last week’s news about Joe Biden turning the U.N. climate summit in Glasgow into his own personal gas chamber was the most entertaining thing to come out of that ridiculous waste of time, think again. It turns out Zyklon B(iden) wasn’t the only one befouling the air.

According to The Scotsman, so much carbon was pumped into the atmosphere from the participants’ private jets, the event was “the most polluting summit of its kind.”

An anti-pollution summit was the most polluting summit in history. If only late-night comedians still did comedy, that would make for a fine joke.

One may wonder why the summit wasn’t conducted via Zoom. Well, the simple answer is, there’s just no way to remotely replicate the in-person experience of having Greta Thunberg say “how dare you” to your face. Zoom just can’t capture the intensity of the throbbing veins and flaring nostrils.

And speaking of Thunberg, on the closing day of the conference, Indian newswoman Sadhika Tiwari, writing for the Hindi news site The Quint (which specializes in finding sharks for three thousand bucks but catching and killing them for ten), gently castigated the young dare-ess for failing to understand that the emissions cuts she demands will actually kill Indian children. Tiwari pointed out that abandoning traditional energy sources like coal, natural gas, and petroleum will leave entire villages without heat, light, water, and sanitary facilities.

“Lock up your daughters, folks! Planes full of baby-lovers are heading your way.”

Then she was like, “Okay, maybe the ‘sanitary facilities’ thing isn’t a problem, because we’re kinda used to going in the street. But the other stuff is true.”

There’s been no response from Thunberg, who immediately left the Glasgow conference via Pilatus PC-24 to fly over Highland cattle country and yell at the cows for farting.

When Petula Clark sang “Come swing with me in my cradle of dreams,” she wasn’t referring to having a lover who was in an actual cradle.

A small detail lost on Afghans.

The loony Sunnis in the land a bunch of better nations have tried to conquer for absolutely no discernible reason because it’s literally like trying to possess a hornets’ nest—it’s painful to attempt and what the hell are you gonna do with it if you succeed?—have reverted back to their pre-9/11 ways.

Child marriage has returned to the land that time forgot. According to a UNICEF report released last week, cash-strapped Afghan families are selling daughters as young as 20 days old to horny halals.

Look, complain all you want about living in a country where the poor and desperate rob liquor stores, but know that if humans can be relied on for anything, it’s finding ways to sink lower the minute you think they can’t.


Prior to the U.S.-led invasion, the rate (of child marriage) was 61.9%, among the world’s worst. But it dropped markedly over the following years—to 40 percent in 2014, 33% in 2016, and 28% by 2020.

But now it’s climbing back up, though still not as high as in Niger (76%), Central African Republic (68%), and Chad (67%).

Yep, it can always get worse.

And count on Joe Biden, a man not above giving an underage girl the ol’ smell test, to import as many people from those nations as possible. Which is only slightly more insane than the Bush-era neocon notion that we can civilize those people in their own lands.

So lock up your daughters, folks! Planes full of baby-lovers are heading your way. Just remember that while U.S. courts are unlikely to ever prosecute these seamy dreamers for baby rape, at least in sharia court you might be able to get a dowry.

Hey, did someone mention neocons?

Nobody neoconned better than Dick Cheney, the man who made sure that tens of thousands of young Americans lost their limbs, faces, and lives fighting to protect the freedom of people whose only desire was to rob Americans of their limbs, faces, and lives.

When Cheney shot a guy in the face in 2006, it wasn’t a hunting accident but merely a literal illustration of his doctrine: “You used to have a face, now you don’t, and for absolutely no good reason.”

But now it seems that the Cheney chickens are coming home to roost…or maybe just finding a new henhouse. Last week the Wyoming GOP voted to no longer officially recognize Liz Cheney—Dick’s congresswoman daughter—as a Republican. It’s somewhat fitting considering how Cheney’s wars led to so many Americans no longer being recognizable as a human.

Say what you will about Trump’s failures as president, but at least he helped terminate the Bush dynasty (“Please clap? Oh, right—you can’t; you lost your arms in my brother’s pointless wars”). And Trump’s fan base seems to be doing the same to the Cheney dynasty, as Wyoming Liz faces a stiff primary challenge from a MAGA-backed candidate, and as she seems to find far more support on the left than the right…which can help a GOP in California, but not in one of the reddest states in the nation (no Dem has won Wyoming since LBJ, leading many to believe that Liz Cheney is Barry Goldwater’s posthumous revenge).

Slate—that leftiest of leftist websites—has declared the Cheney dynasty all of a sudden…good (after twenty years of calling it Hitlerian). Last week, Slate’s William Saletan proclaimed that the Cheney family’s “either you’re with us or you’re against us” militarist mentality, which was Nazism when used against Muslim terrorists, is actually the best thing ever when used against other Americans. Saletan lauded Liz Cheney for wanting to Abu Ghraib the living crap out of the Jan. 6 “insurrectionists,” and he applauded her father for instilling such killer instincts in her.

Dick Cheney’s methods weren’t wrong…only his targets were.

Now to bring in Greta Thunberg to design an environmentally friendly non-wasteful waterboarding hose and solar-powered penile electrodes.

Rightists rejecting the Cheneys and leftists embracing them. Some bedfellows are strange…others are just downright jaw-droppingly surreal.

NEW YORK—I’ve never met anyone named Othello, certainly not in Venice nor in Cyprus, but perhaps there are men by that name in Africa. The only one referred to as Othello, but always behind his back, was the greatest of all Russians, Alexander Pushkin: “As jealous as Othello but twice as dark,” was what les mauvaises langues in court called the great poet. Pushkin had a great-grandfather general who was Ethiopian. I’ll get back to Othello in a jiffy, but first a few words about marital jealousy and Pushkin. The poet got a bee in his bonnet early on after marrying the beautiful but coquettish Natalia because she flirted, harmlessly but nevertheless disastrously. Innocent flirting might be fun in the English shires where men are more interested in killing birds and chasing foxes, but not where hot-blooded Russians are concerned. That’s where the Dutch ambassador’s bum-boy and adopted son, George D’Anthes, who swung both ways, comes into the story. The palace buzzed with gossip as D’Anthes danced nonstop with Natalia and flirted with her outrageously. Pushkin immediately challenged him to a duel, but the Dutch ambassador tried to cool him down and had his bum-boy son ask Ekaterina, Natalia’s sister, to become his wife. In no time Georgie Porgie became Pushkin’s brother-in-law. The Tsar declared the case closed. The poet did not fall for it, however—and rightly so. He challenged again and presented himself ready to fight without a second. D’Anthes the coward—he was an officer and familiar with weapons—shot first, mortally wounding Alexander the great. Like most cowards, D’Anthes lived to a ripe old age and died in Paris early in the 20th century.

So far so bad, as far as sexual jealousy is concerned. It certainly did in Pushkin, who should have known all about Othello and that psychopathic swine Iago, who at least got his comeuppance. Now Othello is back in the news, but not that American students have suddenly discovered Shakespeare. To the contrary, they think the Bard should not be taught because he’s all the things they hate and that I like, but we know all that already. No, the reason Othello is back in the news is because at the University of Michigan, a Chinese-born professor showed the sensitive ones a film of Othello starring Laurence Olivier. Larry appeared as the melancholy Moor in blackface makeup; students were “offended” and all hell broke loose. The irony is that the professor who showed the clips was himself a victim during the Chinese Cultural Revolution and had been roughed up by the Red Guards.

“The canceled have nothing to lose but the company of ghastly bores with bad breath and worse ideas.”

Not that such things matter where today’s little darlings are concerned. They were so angry they forgot to munch on triple-size hamburgers with lots of ketchup and gulp down giant-size Cokes. Professor Sheng is 66 years old and Chinese-born, but his groveling and apologies following the incident were those of a Nubian slave. Those provoked fresh outrage. His saying sorry was called “inflammatory” and left students feeling “unsafe and uncomfortable.” A senior by the name of Sammy Sussman linked other accusations on Twitter and you can guess the rest.

This absurd kind of situation is also happening in Britain, and I’m sure there have been worse instances of ridiculous demands by spoiled students, except that here in America it reflects more of a class struggle than it does overseas. It has nothing to do with moral rights, it has to do with the new elite versus those Middle Americans who were the nucleus of the American republic once upon a time. Now it’s the unholy alliance of the media, the Academy, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley that holds all the cards. This hostile ruling class is new but determined to wipe out that middle who voted for Reagan, Obama, and Trump, among others. Woke is the method as well as the weapon that has replaced the Stalinist midnight knock. With woke as the attacking cavalry, mass immigration, institutionalized antiwhite animus, and tech censorship serve as the occupying army.

A pretty bleak assessment, I admit, but with plummeting intellectual inquiry due to the campus gestapo, most people are keeping their heads down in order to avoid being canceled. Ironically, I was among the very first to be canceled about fifteen years or so ago when, during an Oxford Union debate, I told an American student who was complaining that she almost starved to death during Katrina “that you could do with a bit of a diet.” She was obese. I was booed and insulted by long-haired bearded types, especially when following the debate I referred to them as NOCDs. (Not our class, dear.) I was treated as a pariah by everyone involved, which came in rather handy. I had debated four times at the Union, had won three times, but more important on two different occasions had met two lovely girls whom I took out to dinner and clubbing in London afterward. I was already back then getting on in years, and chasing female students was getting ridiculous. In fact the canceling was manna from heaven: the cheap plonk offered by the Union, the inedible dinner, and the arrogance of males who have never been out in the world but think they know a lot made my canceling a happy occasion. So, canceled of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but the company of ghastly bores with bad breath and worse ideas. Yippee!